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Security Experts Warn Against Russian Tech Firm

Adult webmasters are put on notice: Beware of the Russian Business Network.

Russian officials finally define pornography and ban it online

It seems that Russian officials have finally learned to see the difference between erotica and pornography. A draft law “Restricting the Distribution of Erotic and Pornographic Products” gives the previously non-existent [in Russia] legal definition of pornography and limits the circulation of pornographic products.

Laws Can't Stop The March of Technology, Australian Judge Says

An Australian Judge said that the march of technology is unstoppable, and laws aren't enough to protect consumers' privacy or corporations' copyrights.

Google's Efforts to Reduce Accidental Clicks Could Cut Ad Revenues

Shares of Google(GOOG - Cramer's Take - Stockpickr) dipped on Tuesday after the Internet company disclosed that its near-term advertising revenues might feel some negative effects from its efforts to reduce accidental clicks.

China launches campaign to crackdown on Internet porn

China will shut down pornographic websites and blogs in a nine-month nationwide campaign, said the Ministry of Public Security.

Web porn software filter takes biggest hit

THE Rudd Government has branded as a failure the $85 million software filter scheme to protect young Australians from online pornography and will review its future. Federal Communications Minister Stephen Conroy is assessing the NetAlert program, which will come under scrutiny at the Senate estimates hearings tomorrow.

Adult Mobile Video Chat Slated to Take Off, Study Says

Mobile video chat is where it’s at. That’s what a Juniper Research study released Wednesday says in its claim worldwide revenue from mobile adult video chat services will jump to $1.5 billion by 2012. Juniper forecasts that video chat will comprise 33 percent of adult mobile service revenue by 2012, compared with just 8 percent in 2007.

XRCO Announces 2008 Awards Nominees

The X-Rated Critics Organization (XRCO) has released the list of nominees for its 24th annual awards show to be held in April at a venue yet to be announced.

Will there be an IP address black market?

The issue of whether companies, government agencies and ISPs should be allowed to buy and sell excess IPv4 addresses is a sticky one, as outlined in our story about a new proposal by Internet policymakers. Network World Senior Editor Carolyn Duffy Marsan posed a few questions about the prospects for IPv4 address trading to David Conrad, general manager of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) and a long-time participant in the Internet engineering community.

Anti-Internet censorship website placed on police filter list over links to child porn sites

A website dedicated to opposing Internet censorship has ended up on a list of banned child pornography sites maintained by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI). The pages, maintained by Matti Nikki, contained hundreds of links to sites that are on the NBI list.

Mobile World Congress tackles child porn.

The GSM Association (GSMA), in association with the EU and the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), has launched a programme to tackle the growing problem of child pornography on mobile networks. Craig Ehrlich, chairman of the GSMA, told the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that the scheme would be open to any mobile operator, irrespective of connection technology or level of sophistication.

Sub-Domains vs. Sub-Directories - Google Clarifies a Change.

What is the difference between a sub-domain and a sub-directory? In the electronic eyes of GoogleBot, not much though one is easier for the bot to deal with and the other is (in certain circumstances), easier for a webmaster to deal with.

XBIZ Announces 2008 Awards Winners

The glamorous, star-studded 2008 XBIZ Awards played to a packed house tonight at The Highlands in the middle of Tinseltown. Hosted by Digital Playground star Jesse Jane and adult entrepreneur Kevin “KB” Blatt, the XBIZ Awards honored all sectors of the business.

Premium Domain Values Increased 59 Percent in 2007

Median selling price rose $73,500 from 2006 to 2007.

China removes 200 million "harmful" pieces of online information

China removed more than 200 million items of "harmful" online information last year, according to the National Office for Cleaning Up Pornography and Fighting Illegal Publications.

Convergence, HD, Lifestyle Marketing Projected in Future of Adult

Some of the top players in the industry met this afternoon to discuss what the future holds in adult entertainment and what we all can expect in the coming years.

Online Video Websites Will Dramatically Increase Your Sales

Online Video WebSites Will Dramatically Increase Your Sales - It's a Proven Fact

Successful Internet Marketing Without Search Engines

Believe me or not, a business can survive and thrive on the Internet without good search engine placement. That does not mean that a Webmaster should not strive to get good rankings in the search engines, but it does mean that a Webmaster should not throw his or her entire advertising budget towards search engine optimization (SEO).

Confirmed: Penthouse Buys AdultFriendFinder For $500 Million

As first reported by Michael November 17, the acquisition by Penthouse of Palo Alto based Various, Inc., the owner of AdultFriendFinder has been confirmed.

Create Professional RSS Feeds

More and more companies are using RSS as a means to communicate, so having an RSS feed that is professional and well polished will help differentiate your company from your competition. What makes an RSS feed professional? Follow these simple steps to polish your RSS feed and take it to the next level...

What Every SEO Company Should Know about Keyphrase Choice

A good search engine optimization company will recognize that keyphrase choice is critical for successful marketing on the Internet. While many believe that selecting phrases based purely on popularity is the right approach, it is in fact more important to base the selection on a business's prospects and goals - even if the phrases are less popular overall. Learn more about how to pick keyphrases that will bring targeted traffic to a website.

Improve Your Conversion Rate with an Online Sales Silo

You're probably wondering what an online sales silo is and why you need to create one. In the past, sales and marketing experts told us to create a sales or marketing funnel.

6 Ways to Get Your Visitors To Contact You From Your Contact Us Page

Along with the About Us page, your Contact Us page is one of the most important and crucial pages on your site to get right. In fact, the Contact Us page could be considered the absolutely most important page.

Optimise for Google Image Search

Google Image search operates a little differently to the main search, and therefore when you optimise for Google image search, there are a few extra things to keep in mind.

Country Snapshot: France

France had a bad start when people starting signing online to the Internet. Granted, it has the privilege of being the only country that has been selling online since 1980. But the enemy was within: the long-standing Minitel, a teletext system that did much of what the web does for us today.
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