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Ariz. Bill 2660 Fails in State Senate

The Arizona State Senate Judiciary Committee this week voted down a measure that would have introduced civil liability for producers of “dangerous or obscene” materials when such materials were found to have encouraged acts of terrorism or felony crimes.

Fortinet 'wins' Deep Throat Porn filter test

he controversial 'Deep Throat Fight Club' test of porn filters held at this week's RSA security show has declared a winner. According to organisers Untangle, the best performer was Fortinet.

Now Indonesia bans YouTube

We reported news a couple of weeks back about Indonesia banning porn - now Indonesian web authorities are cracking down on YouTube as well.

Google accidentally sends college traffic to porn site

People who used the Google search engine to get to Blue Mountain Community College got something blue, all right.

New Browser Plugin Promises to Keep Surfing Histories Clean

Software company Check Point's new security utility ZoneAlarm ForceField may let users surf for adult content safely and discreetly.

Library computers need Web porn filters

Library Director Metta Lansdale is turning to residents to break the impasse between some elected officials on the Royal Oak City Commission, who want filters put on adult computers, and appointed offi cials on the Library Board who oppose them.

Prices of U.S. Domain Names to Rise in October

U.S. domain name registry VeriSign has announced that the prices of domain names sold on its behalf by smaller registrars will rise on Oct. 1. The price increases are expected to affect popular addresses that end in ".com" and ".net."

Hackers Protest Law By Vandalizing Indonesian Ministry Website

After the Indonesian government passed a new law that banned online pornography, hackers in the country protested by executing a cyber-blitz on the website of the nation's information ministry and posting a picture of a bare-chested male model along with a message.

New Bill To Curb State Copied Kiddie Porn

(KTVI -  --  When a sexual predator goes to trial all the pictures of child porn on his computer must be printed or burned to onto a DVD for his defense.

Lust in the digital age

IN THE MID-1970s, when I was 12 or 13, my friends and I broke into a paper-recycling warehouse near our homes in Debert.

Indonesian ministry's website hacked over online porn law

Jakarta - Hackers have defaced the website of Indonesia's information ministry in response to a government move to restrict access to pornographic material on the internet, officials and local media reports said Friday.

Christians get porn on their side

IN A rare partnership a Christian lobby group and pornography advocates have joined forces to criticise a plan to have public consultation on introducing R18+ video games.

U.K. Man jailed for his role in porn business

AN Attleborough man has been jailed for 21 months for his part in a business selling pornographic DVDs and videos in the UK.

Which Browser Is Best Equipped for the Web of the Future?

The future of the web is fast approaching. The specifications for HTML 5, the successor to today's HTML 4, are still in the draft phase, but already forward-looking browsers are starting to add limited support for HTML 5 elements.

Indonesia Passes Law Banning Online Porn

The Indonesian parliament has passed a law that will restrict access to pornographic and violent Web sites.

Tenn. Appeals Court Rules in Favor of Strip Club

The Tennessee Court of Appeals Tuesday upheld a lower court's ruling in favor of a strip club forced to close by local officials, later reopened under court order

Official: Polish Ex-Prime Minister Says Internet is For Porn

Politicians are usually behind the times when it comes to technology, something confirmed by former Polish Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski when he stated something that we have known for years: The internet is for porn.

.Asia is Hot for Sex

The .asia domain recently became available for registrations, and according to iTWire domain names for porn sites are proving most popular.

China has world's largest online population

China now has the largest number of internet users in the world, a Chinese research firm has calculated.

Japan to outlaw possession of child porn

Japan is to bow to international pressure and ban the possession of child pornography, although the new law is expected to anger child welfare groups by exempting manga comics and animated films.

LEYTON/WANSTEAD: MP welcomes porn law change

A PLAN to limit the right to view certain kinds of pornography has been changed, to the delight of Leyton MP Harry Cohen.

Govt sticks to guns on internet porn filters

Porn on the net is a massive industry, with a very high request rate across all search engines. But while it may be legal for adults, children are accessing porn on the net and in large measures, and very little is being done to stop it.

Judgment Entered Against Programmer Over Porn Pop-ups

A federal judge has granted a default judgment against a software developer who had a hand in infecting computers with spyware and porn pop-ups.

Google Groups Grapples With Porn Spam

Pornographic images and videos began appearing on Google Groups pages over the weekend, along with infectious malware.

Child Advocates Defend Web Censorship Law

Child welfare advocates have come to the defence of a law giving police the right to recommend the censorship of websites.
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