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Lawmakers meet to decide on porn bill

Lawmakers deliberating the controversial bill on pornography will meet to decide whether to pass or delay it until after the House of Representatives ends its recess late.“It all depends on whether in the House working committee’s meeting tomorrow we can reach an agreement on all (contentious) articles in the bill,” committee member Eva Kusuma Sundari told The Jakarta Post.

Net filters may block porn and gambling sites

Family First Senator Steve Fielding wants hardcore pornography and fetish material blocked under the Government’s plans to filter the internet, sparking renewed fears the censorship could be expanded well beyond “illegal material”.

Activists Claim Online Porn Censorship Impedes Free Speech

Free-speech activists are concerned filtering online child porn could lead to wide-scale Internet censorship

PA Township May Zone Adult Nearly Out of Existence

The township may be entering the zoning fray a little later than most of its Pennsylvania brethren, but at least Doylestown didn’t miss the party altogether.

Indonesian Political Party Calls for Passage of Anti-Porn Bill

A moderate Islamic political party marched through the Indonesian capital city to encourage the national legislature to pass an anti-pornography bill.

Thousands rally at parliament building to support anti-porn bill

Thousands of people coordinated by various Muslim organizations staged a rally in front of the Parliament (DPR) building here to support the Bill on Pornography.

How To Serve Age Verification Pages to Google For Porn or Alcohol Sites

US law requires an age verification page for when someone visits a web page about pornography, alcohol or other adult oriented pages. But this comes with a challenge for webmasters who want to make sure those pages are accessible to search engines.

WRAP Up Porn and Throw It Out

Attorney Carol Platt Liebau writes: In the days before automatic garbage disposals in kitchen sinks, good housewives would wrap up the household garbage and throw it away. Harkening back to those “good ‘ole days,” several organizations joined together in 1987 with Norma Norris, a woman who was determined to get rid of pornography by raising awareness of the numerous ways that pornography hurts people and harms communities.

“Extreme Porn” Fans Protest British Censorship

George Orwell wrote in 1984 that “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face … for ever.” In England today, any legal picture of a boot stamping on a human face must either be imagined or entirely devoid of sexual context. A group of British citizens who enjoy aggressive sex, dominant/submissive role play, and other behaviors that might scare the horses, that isn’t acceptable.

Chinese Officials Apologize for Porn Fine

Police officials in historically repressive China went out of their way to apologize to a citizen for invading his privacy, and in this case, adult content was involved.

Sweetwater County weighing rules for adult stores

Sweetwater County is considering new rules for sexually oriented businesses.

Reel-to-Reel Becomes Totally Hot During Church Porn Burning

Fans of classic porn have a special place in their hearts (and trousers) for titles shot on film and shown in movie theaters. Although today’s shot-on-digital releases are glossier, technically superior, packed with men and women sporting fantasy bodies, and go places earlier directors never considered possible, fans of fare from the 70s and even 80s think they’re hotter. That was certainly the case, when one church set fire to a recently discovered treasure trove of them.

Vivid Drops PornoTube Lawsuit Alleging Piracy

The case is dropped without any financial terms nor an injunction.

Tourists exempt from Indonesian porn law

The Indonesian government has decided to allow women to wear bikinis on the country's beaches despite the recent introduction of a very strict pornography law.

‘Virtual porn’ is UK first forcourt

A MAN has made legal history as the first to be sentenced for downloading “Tomb Raider-style” computer-generated child pornography.

New Law Could Turn ISPs Into Child Porn Cops

The Bush administration has spent much time and effort searching out ways to sidestep constitutional prohibitions against illegal search and seizure, and when it comes to stamping out child pornography, it seems to have found a new one.

FCC Clears Porn-Free Wireless Broadband

The Federal Communications Commission appears poised to move ahead with a plan to auction a portion of the wireless spectrum to a broadband service provider that would be tasked with covering 50-percent of the U.S. within four years and 95-percent of the country within 10 years.

ISPs are pressed to become child porn cops

New law, new monitoring technology raise concerns about privacy

Illegal porn seized at sex shop

More than 100 pornographic DVDs have been seized at a Leamington sex shop. It is alleged they were being sold there illegally.

After Hours Video, Rick Krial Appeal Porn Verdicts- Say Improper Statements, Evidence Introduced

Defense attorneys for After Hours Video owner Rick Krial and his company filed motions  to have the two guilty verdicts in the city's obscenity case set aside, citing numerous "improper statements" made during the four-day trial that were aimed at inflaming the "passions and prejudices of jurors."

Manatee County may crack down on strip clubs

Happy Hour at local strip clubs just won’t be the same if Manatee County begins enforcing its sexually oriented business rules.

Debate to cover topic of porn industry, addictions

A debate scheduled by Southern Illinois University Carbondale's Student Programming Council for next will discuss the topic of the multi-billion dollar U.S. pornography industry and the addictions some people have to it.

The 2009 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo Does Digital

The AVN Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) will present a day of seminars entirely devoted to digital media on January 10th. These seminars will provide trade attendees with a wide range of knowledge on the various modes of digital delivery and consumption of content and products. AEE is sponsored by AVN Media Network and produced by Home Entertainment Events. The Expo will take place Thursday January 8 thru Sunday, January 11, 2009 at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Springfield to continue fight against adult viewing booths despite 2 recent court losses

The city plans to renew its battle to shut down private video viewing booths at an adult store in downtown Springfield, despite two legal losses.

US Porn Boss Goes Down Under For A Fight

A US porn boss is set to be appointed to the Adult Industry Copyright Organization’s (AICO) Board of Directors in Australia in an effort to stamp out adult film piracy
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