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Indonesian clerics take child brides, back anti porn bill

Indonesian Muslim clerics who claim to be protecting vulnerable women by backing a new anti-pornography law have come out in defence of a fellow preacher who has married a 12-year-old village girl.

Government finally names the day for porn ban

Sixty-one days and counting: if your stash contains any material that is or may fall foul of the Government’s new laws on extreme porn, then that is how long you have left to destroy it or otherwise get rid of it. Because, courtesy of Consenting Adult Action Network (CAAN), The Register can reveal today that the law is going live on 26 January 2009.

Vietnamese Arrest “Pornography Spreaders”

Vietnamese authorities have arrested a dozen people involved in the creation and management of what officials called the country’s largest online pornography operation. According to published reports, the action may force the closure of the website, which was founded in 2006 as an educational resource for young people interested in having healthy sex lives.

Can Porn Save the Country from Recession!

The whole world might be drowning in recession, but there's one sector of the economy which is expecting boom in the bad times: the porn industry. According to Australia's newest political party, recession would stimulate demand for sex toys and porn films.

Australian adult industry flirts with politics

The name may seem like a joke, but the Australian Sex Party is serious serious about sex, according to their slogan.

Crooked cop says he ran porn business

How does a dirty cop try to make ends meet while he waits for his prison sentence?

Arabs surf Israeli porn sites

Owners of Israeli sex sites report high percentage of entries from Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. The hit: Clips starring female soldiers and Mossad women

State Court Says Porn Shops Can Operate on Bank Holidays

Add this to the laundry list of trumped up excuses to interfere with perfectly legal adult businesses: using bank holidays to force sex related shops to close or endure legal sanction.

Police to strip sri lanka porn stars

After President Mahinda Rajapaksa said action would be taken to filter the accessing of pornographic content on the internet, Police Women s and Children s Bureau began a special programme to trace local porn stars and take legal action against them.

Vietnamese porn website to be shut down

The largest pornographic website in Vietnam is on the verge of being shut down with the arrest of a dozen people, mostly students aged between 20 and 30.

Province threatens to secede if Indonesian anti-porn bill passes

The head of the West Papua Provincial Legislative Council (DPRD) repeated the province’s intention to secede from Indonesia if the anti-pornography bill passed into law, during a rally in front of the Bali governor office in Denpasar.

Murder Earns Portland Pornographer 20 Years

An internet pornographer who pleaded guilty to first-degree manslaughter in the strangulation death of his 18-year-old live-in girlfriend was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Uganda Bans Pornography

The Media Council of Uganda has banned the publication and circulation of pornographic and obscene material, according to Uganda news site

New Tool Designed to Rat Out Workplace Porn Surfers

Paraben, a developer of computer-forensic software applications, has released a new suite of enterprise tools designed to help employers get control of that nagging workplace scourge, pornography.

Texas AG Drops Adult Toy Case Appeal

Decision means adult toys now legal in Texas, Mississippi and Lousiana

Australia now wants to ban Internet porn

SENATORS in the Aussie government can’t get enough of their new found powers of telling their citizens what they can have on their internet connections.

Bali will not enforce porn law, public officials say

In a move of defiance against the controversial pornography bill, Bali's governor and speaker of the provincial legislative council declared Friday the province would not be able to enforce the newly passed law.

Is it time to regulate the porn industry?

The United States adult film industry produces 4,000–11,000 films and earns an estimated $9–$13 billion in gross revenues annually. An estimated 200 production companies employ 1,200–1,500 performers. Performers typically earn $400–$1,000 per shoot and are not compensated based on distribution or sales.

Here we Go with the Porn Tax Idea Again

It’s a tax that will affect no one and generate no revenue for Jasper County at this time, but one county leader hopes it will receive overwhelming backing from voters on Nov. 4.

Actor focus of child-porn manhunt pleads guilty

A small-time New Jersey actor admitted in federal court to producing child pornography images of himself having sex with boys as young as 6 years old in Thailand.

Tough new child porn law coming

Tories to make it mandatory to report abusers to police

Egyptian Authorities Arrest Swingers

Steeped in history, Egypt is one of the great cradles of civilization and an archeologist’s dream.

Adult TV Channels Gain Popularity in Europe

The American adult industry may be struggling along with the rest of the economy, but in Europe adult cable channels are booming.

Feminists Split on Extreme Porn Ban in England

A move to ban "extreme" pornography in England has split the opinion of feminists and women's rights groups.

EU Promises Net Porn, Violence Crackdown

European Union lawmakers have appropriated 55 million euros (approximately U.S. $70.9 million) to support “Safer Internet,” an initiative aimed at combating bullying and child pornography online.
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