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As we provide open service, next logical step is to make our news open. Here you can add any interesting news to our news page. If you found something fresh and hot, write us here what you have found and it will appear in Protect-X news.
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Here you can see the list of the news that was collected by our employees. News section is regularly updated, so you will be well informed about all fresh events in the world of adult webmaster business.

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Webmaster Access West Seminar: Promoting Porn Star Sites

In a landscape littered with official porn star sites, promoting them can be a daunting task for webmasters. The Promoting Porn Star Sites seminar on the second day of Webmaster Access West attempted to cut through the clutter to deliver sound advice for webmasters who wanted information about promoting official sites in the porn star niche.

Fans to Choose Penthouse Pet of Year

Penthouse can't make up their minds, so they're letting fans pick the Pet of the Year.

Porn Website Snaps Up Hope Community Church URL

The Hope Community Church calls itself "An Advent Christian Congregation." For a short time, its discarded website called itself by names that members of the congregation speak only in their most secret thoughts. Launches With Cartoon, Hentai Material has launched an affiliate program dedicated to cashing in on cartoon and hentai material.

And the Survey Says... 101,435,253 Sites

A November survey conducted by Netcraft reported the number of websites on the internet now exceed 100 million. This is up from 97.9 million in October. In 2006 the increase in websites to date increased by 27.4 million compared to 2005 when 17 million sites were added.

Future Evolution of Search

The search engine world never rests. As online marketing professionals discover new ways to obtain top rankings the algorithms evolve right along side. There are two primary reasons behind the updating of ranking algorithms.

.Mobi Surpasses 200k Mark!

The official mobile phone Internet address registry, dotMobi, announced that it has surpassed the 200k mark - 218,000 as of press time - through registrations by customers in over 100 countries around the globe.

Google Critical of Proposed Australian Copyright Law

Lawmakers considering a change to the country’s copyright law that would require search engines to ask permission before indexing websites heard feedback from Google, which said the proposed changes would bring the country back to the “pre-Internet era.”

Apple Opposes New Sex Aid

Ichiro Kameda is the president of a two-man company in Osaka whose product is involved in a huge legal battle with American computer giant Apple.

Male Birth Control Trials Promise Temporary Infertility Sans Side Effects

For decades, if not centuries, women have wished that men could be more involved in the process of birth control. Aside from the condom, no reliable method of contraception has been available for use by men, leaving women primarily, if not entirely, responsible for protecting against unintended pregnancies. Attempts to control male fertility via pills or injections have met with limited success -- but now scientists believe that a safe and effective method of male birth control may be on the horizon. Launches Affiliate Program, the interactive online date site, has announced the launch of its webmaster affiliate program.

Reporters Without Borders Lists 13 ‘Internet Enemies’

Press freedom group Reporters Without Borders has released a list of 13 nations it considers “Internet enemies,” based on the repression of online free speech by their governments in 2006.

Playboy Finds Double-Digit Gain With Online Properties

Playboy Enterprises Inc. said Tuesday that last year’s purchase of ICS was responsible for 41 percent spike in online revenue from year-ago figures as it released its third-quarter results.

Ms. Dewey Proves that Search Engines can be Sexy

Every now and then a high concept search engine is introduced to the world. Dogpile's multi-search engine responses and Ask Jeeves' intuitive searching are just two innovative ways to find things online, yet neither has ever come close to rivaling the efficient simplicity of Yahoo or Google. Now Microsoft appears to have entered the race for online market share with Ms. Dewey -- a search engine likely to change the way surfers look at research, even if it won't help them find many things along the way.

MyiPlayground - Mobile Adult Entertainment Directory

Mobile phones, PSPs, iPods - they are everywhere: In the car, in a purse, on the road. Why shouldn't your constant electronic companion have some porn on it? Can't find any? Well, that's a problem that some adult entertainment providers faced.

New ASACP Website Label Goes Live

Demonstrating the adult industry’s commitment to helping parents prevent children from viewing age-inappropriate content, the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP) launched a free, voluntary website label for use on adult websites.

Even Google Knows - There's No School Like

Starting next week, Google Inc. ( will begin selling advertising space.

MSN Algorithm Update

This is a heads up for my readers and clientele that MSN search applied an update that has significantly affected rankings. The client results we have reviewed so far have all done well by this update but we are continuing to review. So far it appears that MSN is still following the basic principles of good SEO but I have noticed the following elements appear important:

Your Federal Anti-Porn Tax Dollars at Work

In spite of repeated assurances to the American public that fighting terrorism is Job One for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the fact is that fighting pornography and obscenity has gotten far more attention from the agency.

FCC Lends Regulatory Weight to Broadband Over Power Lines

 In a move to increase competition in the Internet service provider industry, the Federal Communications Commission has opened the field of potential ISPs to power companies by reclassifying broadband over power line (BPL)-enabled Internet access as an information service.

HotMovies Adds Andrew Blake Content

National A-1 Internet, which owns pay-per-minute video site, has added Andrew Blake to its adult entertainment offerings. 

High School Photographer Sues Playboy

A Placerville, Calif., woman who photographed Playboy’s 50th anniversary playmate Colleen Shannon for her senior year high school yearbook has sued the magazine for including the picture in its December 2003 issue.

GM Video Re-Signs Exclusive with World Wide Content, Inc.

Award-winning content leader World Wide Content, Inc. (WWC) today announced that its Exclusive agreement with GM Video has been renewed.

Sex Helps Extend Life

Leading scientists and sex therapists in Australia suggest that a healthy sex life, even if it only includes regular masturbation, helps people live longer.

New BDSM Profile Site Launches offers fans of fetish the opportunity to build profiles, questionnaires and add photo galleries with 100 megabytes of web space for its users. also offers a personal blog, and events calendar.
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