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Moniker to Hold Live Domain Auction at Internext

Internext Expo announced today that it has partnered with domain registrar Moniker to host the first live adult domain auction, to be held during the upcoming Internext Expo in Las Vegas. The auction is scheduled for the final day of the show, Wednesday, January 17th, from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm, local time.

Real Profits with Reality Porn!

The conventionalist would claim reality is that which is perceptible to one of the five senses. Whereas, the independent thinker would just be stumped by the question. Reality is what you make it and with a little effort, you could make a whole new reality.

French Add Condoms to XXX

Condom-free adult films on French cable TV are drawing their last breath. French broadcasting watchdog High Audiovisual Council, or CSA, implemented stricter rules for the country’s nine cable TV stations that are allowed to show adult films. Under the rules, which take effect next year, unprotected sex will not be allowed.

Google Infringement Case Likely to Be Decided in January

The judge in the Belgian copyright case against Google Inc. said she will deliver her verdict after the Christmas break. The announcement coincided with Google’s settlement with two of five groups that seek to prevent Mountain View, Calif.-based Google from linking to Belgian newspaper articles.

Traffic Dude announces availability of targeted advertising on Pornotube and

Traffic Dude ( is pleased to announce that the company has been retained to manage advertising sales on the erotic content network and the erotic social networking site

ElegantVOD Launches With Affiliate Program

After much anticipation we are pleased to announce the launch of, home of Elegant Angel’s videos.

Spam on Rise, Say U.S. Security Firm, European Commission

Two new studies show that unsolicited spam emails remain a growing global problem. U.S. email security firm Postini also issued a bleak report on spam, finding that the number of unwanted messages has tripled since June, and that it currently accounts for 91 percent of all email.

Deck the Halls with Mobile Porn - Fa La La La La...

Take a look at any "hot list" of the most wanted items this holiday season and you'll easily spot a growing trend. Americans have always been drawn to electronic items such as computers, video games and entertainment devices, but this season mobile devices are HUGE on most holiday shoppers' lists

Global Sex Study Uncovers Naked Truths, Contradicts Myths

Regardless of what extremists would have the world believe, it doesn't appear to be going to hell in a hand basket; at least not sexually. Not according to the results presented by the first-ever globally comprehensive study of sexual behavior.

Vidicom Launches Mobill Cash

Vidicom has launched Mobill Cash, an alternative billing solution, which allows users to pay for content on their mobile phone bill with a premium test messaging service (PSMS).

OECash Launches With a $500 Signup Bonus

Original Entertainment is proud to announce the launch of OECash, the newest affiliate program on the block.

Global Orgasm Project

Two anti-war activists are asking everyone to support peace by simply coming. All at once.

Critics Debate Proposed Australian Copyright Law

Critics of a copyright proposal in Australia have warned that its passage could result in serious penalties to users of video sharing sites like YouTube.

McDooling Joins AEBNís Remote Thumbs Unit

AEBN has hired a new sales manager for its Remote Thumbs project, which automatically creates new TGP and MGP websites.

World's First-Ever Televised Sex Toy Ad Give Brits Something to Give Thanks For

Thursday may not officially be Thanksgiving in the United Kingdom, its less prudish citizens will have something new to be thankful for -- although they'll need to stay up late to know it.

Phallic Sculpture Flap

Some foreign visitors and flight crew have demanded the removal of a giant wooden sculpture of a penis on display at Taipei’s international airport.

Naughty America Announces Launch of Naughty American History

Naughty America announced today the launch of an educational website with a twist; an interactive history lesson where your professor sheds clothing in return for correct answers to questions that quiz the user on their knowledge of American history.

xPeeps Reaches 300,000 Members

xPeeps, the adult networking site powered by AEBN, has reached a membership milestone. The site now claims 300,000 members and counting.

U.K. Removes Denial-of-Service Attacks from "Legal Gray Area"

If you're thinking of launching a denial-of-service attack against a person or group that you don't like, they'd best not be in the United Kingdom or you could get into big trouble.

Google Trends: Porn Popular in Utah

Some webmasters might be surprised to learn that many users who visit their sites based on Google search engine results live in states such as Utah, according to a newspaper columnist in the state.

Is That a Cock in your Pocket or are you Wearing a Wonderjock?

Women may insist otherwise, but men continue to believe that size counts, at least when it comes to their penises. Whether he agrees or not, Sean Ashby isn't likely to claim otherwise any time soon -- especially since it's helping make his own bank account bigger.

XonDemand Hits Video Milestone With 30,000

Pay-per-minute adult video-on-demand provider XonDemand has reached a milestone with the addition of Video 10 Productions’ “Foreskin Follies” to its site. The website now has 30,000 videos and counting.

Lawyer: No Spears Tape

Mark Vincent Kaplan, Kevin Federline's attorney, said that there is no Federline-Britney Spears sex tape. Kaplan issued the statement as a response to the rampant rumors concerning the alleged sex video of the couple enjoying their honeymoon.

SexBankRoll Rolls Out Thanksgiving Promo Worth $50 Per Join

In an effort to put more cash in the hands of webmasters this holiday season, SexBankRoll today announced a Thanksgiving Day promo that will pay out $50 on every new join.

Pink's Thanksgiving

To celebrate the Thanksgiving holidays, Pink Visual has rolled out the latest editions of five of its most popular series: Insane Cock Brothas, Wild Fuck Toys, Her First Big Cock, Huge Boobs Galore and Prime Cuts Straight.
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