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Bar Owner Learns that When Patrons Dirty Dance, Adult Zoning Laws Come Into Play

Chuck Egley doesn’t even run an adult entertainment focused business, but that doesn’t mean that he won’t have to comply with the new Sunnyside, WA laws that restrict such entertainment.

China Shuts Down More Websites

 Chinese authorities on Wednesday shut down an additional 84 websites, bringing the total closed since January 1st to 175.

Tenn. City Official Penalized for Porn on Computer

A Tennessee city engineer is facing a five-day suspension and a year's probation after officials found adult content on his city computer.

Adult Stores Owner Goes to Prison for Not Paying Taxes

A business owner who once owned a chain of adult stores in the Houston area was sentenced to 20 months in prison for failing to pay federal taxes, the U.S. Department of Justice announced.

Ga. Lawmaker Considers Strip Club Fee

 A Georgia state senator said today that he is thinking of imposing fees on strip club patrons to help fund programs for victims of sexual abuse.

Norway Bans Paying for Sex

 A law that took effect Jan. 1 forbids Norwegian citizens from paying for sex — at home or abroad. Henceforth, any Norwegian caught paying a prostitute could face a stiff fine and as many as six months in prison.

Dallas Motel Closed for Broadcasting Adult Movies

 A motel in Dallas has achieved a level of infamy because it was giving away free porn by accident.

Adult Production Insurance Gets a Lifeline

A company with a history of insuring adult novelty companies and mainstream movie shoots is ready to step in and insure adult film shoots as well.

Porn-Free Internet Alternative May Have Found New Life

A plan to create a free Internet alternative that has no adult content may have found its second wind.

Prop. 8 Could be in Trouble

California Attorney General Jerry Brown urged the state’s Supreme Court to overturn Proposition 8, which adds a state constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriages. The move represented an about-face for Brown, who immediately after voters passed the measure November 4th vowed to defend it.

Chinese Internet porn sensation detained by police

A Chinese woman who became an online sensation after posting a homemade pornographic film of herself on the Internet has been detained in Shanghai, according to state media.

India’s Anti-Porn Laws Set to Change

An amendment to India’s Information Technology Act 2000 is set to change the way the government responds to sexually explicit content online and deals with the material’s creators.

German ISPs to impose anti child porn software

Cut it off. No net for kiddie fiddlers

Right to Shoot Porn Upheld in N.H.

The state Supreme Court has ruled that a former district court bailiff who offered a couple $50 an hour to videotape them having sex was not guilty of prostitution, because there was no evidence he was satisfying his own sexual pleasure.

Tax Porn to Fund CA Budget

Blaming California’s budget crisis on Republican shenanigans, a ranking California assemblyman said that he wants to add an additional tax to “the goods and products associated with the adult entertainment industry.”

Adult Stores Spark Protests

Two video stores thousands of miles apart have sparked protests because they offer adult entertainment.

Reg readers in the dark over extreme porn

A Register reader has been left baffled by the reaction of her local police force when they were asked what exactly is likely to constitute an actionable image when the extreme porn laws come into force in January.

British Law Firm Draws Fire For Porn Copyright Letters

A British law firm has angered local residents by sending out notices of copyright infringement that accuse the users of downloading hardcore gay porn.

Obama Choice for Attorney General Wanted Crackdown on Porn Websites

Eric Holder, President-elect Barack Obama's pick for attorney general, drew applause from liberal Democrats earlier this year when he denounced the Bush administration's warrantless wiretapping program.

Brit Government Sets Day for Porn Ban

A new U.K. law that criminalizes possession of “extreme” pornography will take effect January 26th, 2009. Under Sections 62-67 of the Criminal Justice Act 2008, anyone caught with sexually explicit material that depicts violence, activity likely to result in bodily harm or sex with corpses or animals faces up to three years in prison.

Family Advocates Fight Porn Shop

When law-enforcement officials refused to crack down on a sex shop in Clarksville, Ind., a pro-family group decided to take action.

When in Rome… Tax the Porn

Every fall, as the Italian parliament struggles to find new revenue sources that will help the country support itself, talk inevitably turns to taxing something near and dear to the lusty Italian heart: porn.

Net porn: Whose rights matter most?

"Don't try and tell me what I can and can't do on the internet." This statement by a blogger is typical of the attitude driving the wave of angry resistance to the Federal Government's plan to impose mandatory filtering on Internet Service Providers.

FCC Chair To Push Free Porn-Free Internet

During the FCC's December meeting, chair Kevin Martin plans to push for a free, but porn-free Internet service that would be available to all Americans.

Lesbian Porn Performers Arrested

In spite of an ancient tradition of sacred sexuality, Indian culture has an uncomfortable relationship with sexual expression in the modern world. Alas for two 20somethings, that means a visit to jail.
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