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Now-Defunct Online VOD Company Sues Apple, Google, Napster Alleging Patent Violation

It has been close to five years since Jonathon Taplin’s company, Intertain, last made a sale through its online video-on-demand service, but Intertain’s impact on the Web may live far past the closure of its flagship VOD product.

New Plugin Only by Mallcom Now Available

Mallcom’s new Search Plugin Utility helps affiliates double, even triple their profits. Customers looking for adult DVDs and other merchandise will appreciate the easy-to-use search box and it only takes one minute to set up. Asserts it is True “YouTube Clone” of Online Porn Industry

Another site has thrown its hat into the porn-specific, user-posted content arena – A late December press release issued by touts the “latest ‘Web 2.0’ technologies,” and boasts a “smooth and clean interface for users to present porn or other sexually explicit content and videos, much like YouTube and Metacafe are doing but with different type of audience and content.” Releases ‘Top 100 List’ of Popular Porn Stars

Concluding a busy year for adult talent, has released its “Top 100 Most Popular Porn Stars of 2006” list based on page rankings of the most frequently visited adult stars over the past 12 months.

NichePay Launches New Interracial Site

Up-and-coming adult affiliate program NichePay this week announced the launch of a new interracial site, HardInterracialSex.

Panda Software Releases Annual List of Worst Viruses, Worms, and Malware

'Tis the end of the year and the time during which the world reflects upon the previous 365 days, what was good, what was bad, and what really blew its collective mind. For Panda Software, that means releasing its annual list of computer code gone terribly wrong. Adds 800th Reviews has today announced the addition of the 800th review to its respectable list of quality paysite reviews.

WARNING: QuickTime Bug Poses Immediate Threat

A very serious bug has been discovered in Apple's QuickTime that could affect Windows and Mac users both by opening them up to attacks by malicious Web sites.

Google’s Blog Search Leads Pack

After more than a year of playing catch up, Google Blog Search has become the preeminent search engine for online journals, surpassing one-time blogger favorite Technorati, according to data released by Internet traffic-monitoring firm Hitwise.

Jason Sechrest Releases 'Top 10' Male, Females Stars of 2006

Sex talk radio host Jason Sechrest, aka Jason Curious, released his "Top 10" list for 2006 of the most popular male and female porn stars on his website,

Google More Popular Web Destination than Yahoo

The great website destination wars are by no means over, but the position of the major players has shifted slightly. Although Microsoft remains the most frequently visited website on the internet, the second most popular site has changed.

New Site From Tera Patrick

Tera Patrick launched her official fan website,, this week. TeraVision CEO Evan Seinfeld said that the new site will complement Patrick's primary site,

InterBill Faces U.S. Suit Over Alleged Bogus Website

Third-party processor InterBill Ltd. facilitated an online company’s alleged fraudulent scheme by collecting consumer bank account numbers and then debited funds from thousands of bank accounts, according to court documents obtained by XBIZ.

Aria Giovanni to Kick Off PussyCash’s ImLive Events

PussyCash’s video chat arena,, will kick off a number of upcoming, exclusive events with a free live chat with Penthouse Pet Aria Giovanni on Thursday, Jan. 4, 2007. The event is scheduled to take place from 9 to 10:30 p.m. E.S.T. at

Report: Vista Flaw Could Affect MS Exchange Mail Server

The long-awaited update to the Windows operating system — Microsoft Vista — has been found to have a plethora of flaws, including one flaw that makes it possible for an attacker to repeatedly disable a Microsoft Exchange mail server simply by sending the program an infected email message.

FTC Goes After Foreign Spammers

In an effort to get a handle on spam, phishing gags and Nigerian rip-off artists, President Bush signed a bill before the Christmas holiday empowering the Federal Trade Commission to further root out email spammers in foreign countries.

Adult On The Go

No medium can resist adult entertainment. The printing press brought us mass-market adult fiction. TV brought us the Spice and Playboy channels. Home movies brought us adult videos and DVDs. Now, adult is going portable.

Asian Internet Traffic Slow or Nonexistent After Submarine Lines Severed

Online adult companies that rely on Asian traffic may take a hit in the coming weeks after a 7.1-magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Taiwan and severed lines, leaving Internet service painfully slow or nonexistent.

Wikipedia Founder to Launch User-Driven Search Engine

The Wikia Corporation, a for-profit company created by Jimmy Wales, the founder of the popular user-driven encyclopedia, has announced plans to launch a new search engine, financially backed by none other than The new engine will be powered by you: the user - similarly in the way that Wikipedia is powered by contributions, updates and support of its users.

Federal Court Rules Against Adult Video Pirates in Australia

On Wednesday, Australia’s Federal Magistrates Court upheld a 2005 judgment against an adult video chain convicted of manufacturing and selling counterfeit DVDs of material produced by the Private Group and distributed by Calvista Australia.

Va. Attorney General Calls for ISP Data Retention

Weighing in on the ongoing data retention debate for Internet service providers, the Virginia state attorney general has issued a report saying that ISPs should keep records for lengthier periods of time to help law enforcement track and apprehend criminals online.

Porn Dialer Scammers Sentenced in Germany

Two men convicted of using trojan-horse exploits to infect end-user PCs in furtherance of a porn dialer scam have been sentenced to jail time in Germany, according to the German news agency, ADP.

3rd-Party Processors Could Help Online Adult With New IE Certification

In late January, Microsoft Corp.’s Internet Explorer browser will start flagging websites with extended-validation certification in response to phishing attacks.

Dickmans Design Launches Dickmans V4

Dickmans Design has just released Dickmans v4 – a high end corporate site fully developed in flash, celebrating their 5th year in business and showcasing its expanded offerings to clients. The motto of the new site is “Passion Meets Performance.”

Solar-Powered Bikini Coming

Inventor and engineer Andrew Schneider has harnessed the powers of science, sexiness and the sun for one of his latest projects: a solar-powered bikini.
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