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Playboy TV Restructures Programming Team;Todd Schwartz is vice president, programming

In a restructuring of its programming team, the Playboy Entertainment Group has hired Todd Schwartz as vice president, programming for Playboy TV and promoted Michael Spierer to the position of vice president, programming for adult networks. Both will report to Bryan Postlethwait, senior vice president, programming.

Mansion Productions Named XBIZ Hollywood Conference Seminar Sponsor

Mansion Productions, makers of affiliate program management software, has been named an official seminar sponsor of the XBIZ Hollywood ’07 Industry Conference.

Report: Consumers Interested in IPTV Programming

More than 37 percent of broadband users are interested in Internet protocol TV programming, despite the fact that business models for delivering digital video content online have yet to emerge, a recent Jupiter Research report found.

Too Much High-Definition?

Is high-definition too much definition? The adult industry once again got mainstream press attention in a New York Times article that ran today about the industry's upcoming move to high-definition and the problems it presents to performers, especially female ones.

Roosevelt Hotel Nears Capacity as XBIZ Hollywood Conference Approaches

Officials at the Roosevelt Hotel, which will host the upcoming XBIZ Hollywood ’07 Industry Conference, have said that rooms in the historic venue are running out quickly, with the hotel rapidly nearing capacity.

Private to Increase Mobile Distribution Coverage

In its first quarter projections for 2007, Private Media Group said it plans to increase its mobile distribution coverage by 130 million handsets, bringing its total to 674 million possible users over the next several months.

Novell Launches Vista/Linux Comparison Site

Novell has launched a Vista/Linux comparison site in anticipation of the Jan 31 release of Microsoft’s new operating system. The site, which offers an admittedly biased opinion — Novell makes competing Linux-based operating system SLED 10 — allows users to compare the two products on performance, capabilities and cost.

First ever LIVE ADULT DOMAIN AUCTION Internext Las Vegas 2007 and Internext V2.0 teamed up to host this history making event held on Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2007 from 3:00p.m. - 7:00p.m. at the rejuvenated and highly touted AVN event held at Mandalay Bay.

Laura Bush: Do More to Stop Child Porn

Laura Bush said at a gathering of first ladies Wednesday that police must work with counterparts in other countries to keep children safe from abuse and Internet pornographers.

DVD Security Group Investigates Next-Gen Copyright Breach

An anti-piracy technology consortium said it was in the process of investigating claims by hackers that they had cracked digital copyright protections used in next-generation DVDs.

IMDb Blocks XXX Movies

The Internet Movie Database, aka IMDb, conceals all listings for triple-X movies, as well as mainstream titles that feature explicit action.

First Phisher Convicted Under CAN-SPAM Act

The CAN-SPAM Act showed that it has teeth for phishers, too. A California man became the first phisher found guilty by a jury under the CAM-SPAM Act, created in 2003 as a legal recourse to prosecute spammers who send unsolicited, fraudulent emails.

Democratic Control Doesn’t Mean a Free Ride

Despite the Democratic sweep of the November elections, which pushed right-wing Republicans into the congressional minority, the adult industry faces a continuing threat from the government. to Put the Ball Back in the Parental Court

In what analysts are calling a smart move, has announced that it is developing a new software that will give parents a "window" into what their children are putting on their online community profiles.

Firefox Web Browsers Find Lancing City Council Website Unexpectedly Saucy

When Web users step outside of the Microsoft box there's just no end of strange delights that await them. Recently, users of the Mozilla Firefox browser who visited the Lancing City Council site found that it led to unexpectedly exotic pleasures -- exotic pleasures not available to users of Internet Explorer, Safari, or other such browsers.

NY Times Asks if Live Sex Shows Are Coming to Hotel TVs

Hotel room entertainment could eventually feature live on-demand sex shows akin to Internet webcam performances, according to a recent New York Times article.

IE Reaches 100 Million Installations

Like a plague invading the cyber world, Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7 has officially reached the 100 millionth installation marker, "proving" that it is the second most used browser in the US. Second - Microsoft officials say, only to version 6.

Blu-Ray Disc Association: No Problem With Porn

A spokesman for the Blu-Ray Disc Association stated this week that the organization does not seek to bar adult studios from the Blu-Ray format.

CarolinaInternet Offers Server Test Drive

Web-hosting company CarolinaInternet has announced a free, 48-hour test drive on its server.

AVN Show Too Open to the Public

The AVN Award Show Playbill had emblazened across it - “Open to The Public.” There really is no way to describe the lack of separation between the fans and the performers at this years AVN Award Show.

Galactica Star in Playboy

Tricia Helfer, who plays the sexy Cylon Number Six on the hit television show Battlestar Galactica, is baring it all for the latest edition of Playboy Magazine. She appears in a 10-page spread that was shot in Acalpulco by photographer Sante D'Orazio.

New Bill Makes Viewing Porn at School a Crime

Students who view porn at school not only could be suspended or expelled, but also charged with a misdemeanor according to a new plan proposed by a local politician.

Second Day's Workshops Tackle Legal, Content Issues

As webmasters settled into the second day of Internext, Eric M. Bernstein, a partner in the firm of Eric M. Bernstein & Associates L.L.C., wanted to make sure they didn't misconstrue the convention as just another networking and partying event.

Playboy Taps Former New Frontier Media Exec

Playboy Entertainment has tapped a former New Frontier Media executive as its lead programming chief for broadcast and DVD production.

U.N. Won’t Try to Control Internet

The United Nations will yield to the U.S. Commerce Department for now in the struggle to control the Internet, the head of the U.N. telecommunications agency said.
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