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What Resolution Should Your Site Be Designed For?

Kudos for making a fascinating web site and for all the real hard work you put in place from your end. But as a matter of fact you deserve rewards in terms of what you expect your web site to yield rather than eulogies from some other quarter. site hijacker says he's broke

A man who siphoned millions of dollars from a pornography Web site and fled to Mexico cried poor Monday and asked a judge to erase the $65 million he owes the rightful owner of

Microsoft hit with $1.5 billion patent verdict

A federal jury in San Diego has ordered Microsoft to pay $1.5 billion to Alcatel-Lucent in a patent dispute over MP3 audio technology used in Windows.

Child Porn OK in Hungary?

There’s anger at a Hungarian bill to legalize porn involving 14-year-olds. Hungarian opposition MPs on Monday reacted angrily to a proposed modification to the law that would allow pornography involving children aged 14 and above to be made and filmed for personal use.

Of neo-liberalism and porn

Sometimes I wonder why the porn industry is as big as it is. I also wonder why it just keeps getting bigger every year. If I Google the word “porn” I get 160,300,000 hits, if I Google “Iceland” I get 60,000,900 hits and if I Google myself I get a disappointing 47 hits.

Seven Best Add-Ons for IE7

No web browser is perfect, and no web browser does everything just the way everyone wants it to.Enter add-ons. Also called extensions or plug-ins, add-ons let third-party companies and users with programming skills extend the browser's functionality in different ways. They are your ticket to a customized web.

Porn less popular than search

For the first time in the history of the internet, more people are visiting search engines than adult-oriented websites.

The Most Common Reason for Dropped Rankings: Duplication

Why write an entire article on something as simple as duplicate content? Well probably because it is not as simple as it sounds and many website owners find themselves in the grey area of duplication; where they don't know for sure whether they are risking rankings or not.

SEO Friendly Redesign

A growing number of our potential clientele come to us with websites that have been up and running for some time. Most inquire about search engine placement services they want performed on their website. All too often we are seeing websites that have not been designed with even the simplest considerations for search engine friendliness. It is important to note that not all websites are created equal - some website designs will perform better when it comes to search engine placements than others.

Google's Personalized Search Debate

Danny Sullivan does it again, with his in-depth look at Google’s new personalized search feature – Google Ramps up Personalized Search… great article. The topic of personalized search results is stirring up the SEO world - some say it’s a positive change, while others are suggesting it could potentially put a stop to SEO all together. Who’s right, who’s wrong, and what is personalized search anyway? Well here’s some basic information and my initial view on this topic.

ICANN Chief Hails Mobile as Avenue for Online Growth

During a recent visit to one of the subcontinent’s technology hubs, ICANN Chairman and Google Vice President Vinton Cerf told reporters that mobile technology and the proliferation of cellphones worldwide would account for the next big increase in Internet access.

.XXX Looking More Unlikely

It seems that most of the directors at ICANN are concerned that the .xxx domain that has been proposed would not be embraced by the adult entertainment industry - this according to minutes from a February 12th ICANN board meeting that was released late Friday.

AmateurVideoCash Launches With New Program has launched an amateur video affiliate program.

TotemCash Touts Geotargeting Platform

TotemCash owner Rex Excoffier said that data gleaned from its proprietary geo-targeting platform, designed to measure billing performance from country to country, has resulted in a more comfortable buying experience for end users and higher conversion rates for company affiliates.

Google Adwords - Don't Make Assumptions You Can No Longer Afford

I made a post in a forum the other day, posing a small conundrum about which Google Adwords ad should be kept and which should be discarded based on the CTR figures which each Ad managed to achieve.

Playboy 4th Quarter Profits, Revenue Down

Playboy Enterprises Inc. announced Tuesday that the company’s fourth quarter earnings fell 20-percent as the magazine division of Playboy continued to lose money, and earnings dropped for the TV division.

The Internet SAFETY Act - Everything Old is New Again

A Texas Republican has a bunch of "brand new and original" ideas that he has rolled up into what he calls the Internet SAFETY Act (Internet Stopping Adults Facilitating the Exploitation of Today's Youth). The first part of the plan is to require ISPs and providers to record the names and addresses of all subscribers and maintain records to help in sex offender investigations.

Politician Targets Social Networking Sites

State Sen. Matt Murphy has introduced his own local version of the Deleting Online Predators Act (DOPA). The law would restrict access to social networking sites.

Forum Marketing Explained

Online forums are excellent for internet marketing, forums allow you to build a relationship and interact with your target market and also allow you to drive traffic to your website. Forums should be treated like a goldmine because that's exactly what they are.

A Keynote Conversation with Google's Matt Cutts

Keynote Speech with Matt Cutts of Google

Google News Found Guilty of Copyright Violation

A Belgian judge found in favor Belgian newspaper publishers in the copyright case against Google News. The publishers charged that Google unfairly profited by posting short extracts of their stores on its web sites.

Hacker Cracks HD DVD, Blu-ray Protections

A hacker on the popular message forum has cracked the processing keys for both Blu-ray and HD DVD discs. By breaking the key, encrypted content can be extracted from both of the next-gen formats.

IE and Firefox cough up hard drive contents

The latest versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox on Windows and (in the case of Firefox) Unix systems are vulnerable to attacks that could reveal the contents of sensitive files residing on a victim's hard drives.

Web Analysts Ponder Vagaries of Type-In Surfing, Web Searches for Well-Known Sites

 Why, if a surfer knows he or she wants to go to, would they first go to and search for “Yahoo,” or even “”

FTC to Investigate ISP Broadband Speed Claims

According to Federal Trade Commission chairwoman Deborah Platt Majoras, the agency is going to begin investigating the speed claims of Internet service providers’ broadband networks.
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