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Microsoft Releases New Mobile Web Browser

Microsoft has unveiled a new mobile web browser that the company says is intended to more closely imitate a desktop surfing experience. The software giant is making the technology, called Deepfish, available to the public on a limited basis.

Should I really give a XXXX about the .xxx domain?

Not unless you believe that all adult material should be consigned to an interweb ghetto, because it's not going to be. Last week Icann, the organisation that oversees the allocation of top-level domains (TLD) online, decided not to go ahead with creating .xxx for the adult industry - mostly on the grounds that it was unworkable and would lead to Icann being dragged into content regulation, which is outside its remit.

Time Tracking for Greater Productivity

My company sells our optimization services in packages so we really don't keep track of "billable" time. But my organization fetish has recently let me to start having my employees keep track of exactly how much time is spent on client activities vs. other work activities. Since we began this tracking the results have been quite revealing.

Sunbelt Software Announces Top Ten Spyware Threats for March

Stats From Leading Windows Security Provider Show Trojan-Downloader.Zlob.Media-C Continues to Be Most Prevalent Threat in 2007

.XXX Denied by ICANN - Media Still Panting for More

Here's a question... does mainstream media truly care about safe-surfing on the Internet for minors - or is it just looking to sell papers, magazines and increase hit counts? During the several year long debacle of the proposed .xxx domain, the media has played not just "both sides of the fence," posing the pros and cons of the proposal, but has taken a few sideways approaches to the topic as well. They may be well-intentioned, however continuing to beat a "dead horse" that has been voted down by the governing "powers that be" probably isn't the best way to find a real solution.

UK gov mulls child porn changes

The Home Office is considering changing child pornography laws to include cartoon or computer-created pictures.

Three Deadly Mistakes that Will Kill Conversions

Website owners get so excited about getting traffic to their site they don’t know what to do once it gets there. There are three major mistakes website owners make with their landing pages. These mistakes cause visitors to leave quickly without converting to a sale.

Spam Levels Increase 76.3% in Q1 2007, Affects Small Businesses

MessageLabs, a provider of integrated messaging and Web security services, has announced the results of its MessageLabs Intelligence Report for March 2007. Spam levels for the first quarter of 2007 has increased to 76.3% from last year, the highest in two years. Virus and botnet activity has also increased. The report said the increased spam levels is impacting small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) as these organizations receive more than double the volume of spam per user each month than in enterprise organizations.

Adult site's legal battle could aid Web hosting services

A federal appeals court ruling in a case involving an adult publisher appears to have delivered broader legal protections for online service providers against lawsuits claiming privacy violations and other illicit behavior by their users.

You Need to Play the Search-Engine Game If Your Brand is to Be a Hit

Which is the more popular: Google or sex? Are you even hesitating with your answer? Clearly there's no question which one most of us spend more time doing. Googling, hands down. But for the ultimate proof, Google itself has the answer.

Grum worm poses as IE7 beta

Hackers are trying to trick prospective marks into loading malware that poses as a "beta" version of Internet Explorer 7.

Retailer sues registrars in $12m domain tasting suit

US retailer Neiman Marcus is suing two domain name registrars for more than $12m over their registration of names containing variations of its brand. The two linked companies are accused of improperly registering more than 40 domain names.

Create an .htaccess File to Combat Referral Spam

At present, there is a growing nuisance for users and administrators alike of sites that ruin web servers and more particularly, blogs. This nuisance is being referred to as comment, trackback and referrer spams. Various solutions have been proposed with some being applicable to even two of these forms of spam using a single solution.

ICANN rejects .xxx

In an unusual open board meeting today, ICANN once again rejected the establishment of a .xxx top level domain (TLD). The vote was 8-4 with a single abstention, that of CEO Paul Twomey.

ClickCard Offers Prepaid Access to Online Adult Videos for English Market

A new prepaid card for accessing online adult videos has hit the market in England, designed to allow users to purchase online content without providing a credit card number or other personal information.

ICANN fires back with stern threat of legal action...again

Without any fanfare, or even notice of an ongoing lawsuit against itself, ICANN posted another letter to RegisterFly on Wednesday giving it notice (again) of an intent to pursue legal action against the disintegrating registrar.

Bill Requiring Photo Processors To Report Porn Makes Way To Senate

A bill designed to find child sex predators is on its way to the state Senate. Hires Del Anthony to Oversee Major Overhaul will undergo a complete reorganization and restructuring of its business model, parent company Escom LLC announced.

What's Important to Search Engines and What's Not

I recently had an inquiry from someone who was looking for some possible SEO consulting with me. He was in the process of a redesign and wanted to be sure not to make any mistakes along the way, which is super-smart! The time to be looking at SEO is definitely in the beginning stage of any design or redesign project. The interesting part of the email was this person's misconceptions about what he thought were important factors for the search engines. I'd like to share those points with you, with my comments following each one.

PayPal Seeking New Security Against Phishing

PayPal is asking Internet e-mail providers for their cooperation in a new technology to deter phishing scams, according to InfoWorld on Tuesday. The technology, called DomainKeys, was developed by Yahoo Inc. It allows the verification of the sender and the integrity of the sent message. If bogus, a message that might have otherwise passed a filter test, will be blocked.

Scammers target domain name owners

Fraudsters are targeting domain owners in a new spam-based scam. Typically the sophisticated fraud, which is still under investigation, starts with an email message to domain owners offering to purchase a domain. Prospective marks are directed to a forum ostensibly set-up to discuss domain appraisal services.

Yahoo! email! unlimited!

Yahoo! customers will get unlimited email storage from this May.

Even the Search Engines are Bad at SEO

Yahoo! allows paid inclusion members to buy quick links in the search results and indexes sites more fully if they use Yahoo! for their site search. While neither of these may seem like a big deal they both are.

How to Reduce the Pain of Switching Domains

Transferring traffic and popularity to a new domain is a painstaking process that no one on the web appears to be immune to, or so has realized. is a leading news aggregation resource that has been in the news lately because they are planning to move their site from to after purchasing the .com for a cool million from a Canadian animation company.
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