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Google Sidelines Adult From AdSense Program

Ending weeks of speculation, Google on Monday announced it would be implementing a new policy that would disallow adult domains in its AdSense for Domains (AFD) program.

Requesting removal of content from Google index

As a site owner, you control what content of your site is indexed in search engines. The easiest way to let search engines know what content you don't want indexed is to use a robots.txt file or robots meta tag. But sometimes, you want to remove content that's already been indexed. What's the best way to do that?

Advanced Link Building: Hosted Content

Ask Google, search engines love links. Of course, they love some links more than others. For example, a simple link exchange (reciprocal link) doesn't have as much value to search engines and so, it doesn't receive the same weight as a non-reciprocal (one-way) link – the theory being that a one-way, in-bound link is a recommendation from a site owner to visit this linked site. The link, itself, is testament to the quality of the site being referred.

Interview with Adam Lasnik of Google

One of the fun things about being involved with the search marketing industry is getting to meet really bright and interesting people. Whether they are long time SEO gurus, CEO’s of fast growing corporations or employees of the major search engines, this industry rarely disappoints with its variety of perspectives.

Hidden links

Most people understand hidden text is something like white text on a white background, and know to steer clear of it. Let me show you an example of a hidden link.

Introduction to Copyrights, Patents and Trademarks

What is a copyright? Can everything be copyrighted? A copyright is the expression of an idea. The idea itself is not copyrighted. Ideas can be patented and I will talk about patents later.

Google Goes to War on Paid Text Links

Google engineer Matt Cutts posted a series of blog posts on Saturday, attacking hidden links, links in Wordpress themes, and paid links. I'm sure his intention is noble: to remove irrelevant links from the serps. But has he gone too far? Judging by the firestorm of protest in the blogosphere, that may be the case.

15 Fixes for a Failing Website

If your website's not performing, here's what you can do to improve search engine rankings, engage visitors and convert more sales.

Traffic Builder: Reciprocal Link Exchanges

One of the significant differences distinguishing the Web from traditional print media is hyperlinks - the interconnected, two-way structure of references from one page to another and to another, and so on...

China launches campaign to crack down on Web porn

The Ministry of Public Security (MPS), along with nine other government departments, announced the launching of a campaign here Thursday to restrict the spread of pornography on the Internet in China.

Google offers UK payments

Google is launching its payment system, Google Checkout, in the UK. The service is aimed at merchants rather than for person to person payments and will compete with PayPal and traditional credit and debit cards. The service has been available in the US since June 2006.

Move to ban animal porn

The Dutch Justice Minister Hirsch Ballin is considering the best way to ban animal pornography. It's currently legal here in the Netherlands, as is sex with animals and a way to ban both is now being sought.

Registration for Internext Summer Now Open

Registration for the summer edition of Internext Expo is now open, AVN Media Network (AMN) announced yesterday. This year, Internext Summer runs from Friday August 3rd through Sunday August 5th, at its usual host venue, the Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa in Hollywood, FL.

Opera brings 'speed dial' to browsers

Browser maker Opera has added a "speed dial" feature to the latest version of its browser, allowing surfers to gain ready access to their favourite sites more easily.

Google Pulls Almost Two-Thirds of Web Queries

Web search leader Google Inc.'s market share inched up to 64 percent of all queries among U.S. Internet searchers in March, gaining further ground against Yahoo Inc. and Microsoft Corp., a survey released on Wednesday by Hitwise found.

Senate Bill Aims at Web Porn Sites

Citing a recent study which found that 90 percent of children ages eight to 16 have viewed pornography on the Internet, two senators today introduced legislation that would give teachers, parents and librarians greater control over what minors are viewing online.

Mozilla seeks security researchers to look at alpha code

Mozilla Corporation wants to get the security community involved in ironing out possible bugs with the next version of Firefox at an earlier stage.Instead of pointing out security bugs once Firefox 3.0 gets released, Mozilla wants security vendors involved while the software in still a work in progress.

We May Have Won .XXX - But What's Going On At ICANN? had a posting last week that included a link to an article from a German publication which reported that at an ICANN meeting in Lisbon, the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) requested the master key for the DNS root zone. This is no simple request - having this "ultimate master key" would give the US Government through DHS the ability to track DNS Security Extensions (DNSSec) all the way back to the servers that represent the name system's root zone on the Internet. What this means is that the US Government would be the only institution on the planet with the power to spoof IP addresses and have the ability to break into computers connected to the Internet with very little effort.

Porn stars reach mainstream fame

While these adult-movie stars' X-rated films may not be coming to a theater near you, the stars themselves are becoming household names.

Utah bans trade mark keyword ads

The US state of Utah has outlawed the use of other people's trade marks to generate business through search engines. The plan has been called unconstitutional and impractical. In creating a new kind of electronic trade mark with specific online protections, the state hopes to clamp down on one company buying the right to display search engine adverts when a person searches for a rival's products.

10 Signs That Your SEO Is a Quack

There are so many SEO/SEM firms cropping up that talk a good game but don't deliver results. This is in part because there's so much information that is freely available about search engine optimization. On the surface, SEO sounds easy -- and it really is -- once you've had a number of sites to experiment with. What's even easier than SEO, however, is discussing SEO as if you know what you're actually doing (when you don't)!

Summer Internext Registration Opens

Internext Summer, the pre-eminent business-to-business trade show for the digital adult entertainment industry, will take place Aug. 3-5 (Friday through Sunday) at the Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa in Hollywood, Fla.

VeriSign to raise domain fees

VeriSign on Thursday said it that it will increase the fees it charges for Internet domains ending in .com or .net.

In the wake of RegisterFly, is ICANN taking flight?

In the aftermath of the ICANN meeting in Lisbon, the RegisterFly disaster continues to inspire both litigation and paranoia.

ASACP, FOSI Respond to .XXX Decision

 ASACP Executive Director Joan Irvine has responded to a recent statement made by Stephen Balkam, CEO of the Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI), regarding ICANN's decision not to establish a .XXX sTLD.
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