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Sohu, Telstra Sites, Others Added to Porn Watch List

China Internet Illegal Information Reporting Centre (CIIRC) cited Sohu's (Nasdaq:SOHU) real estate portal, Telstra- (ASX:TLS) invested real estate website SouFun, Guangzhou-based online video site and Phoenix Satellite Television Holdings' (8002.HK) portal for "low-brow" content in its ninth list of offending sites, which included 10 companies, on February 20. Government-backed CIIRC cited 19 websites for content that "perverts social morals and harms the physical and mental health of children" on January 5 to kick off its anti-porn crackdown.

Cuadra greets potential jurors at his porn murder trial

Harlow Cuadra wore a gray suit and purple shirt Tuesday to meet the people who could decide his fate.

Dutch City’s Porn Collection MIA

 Authorities in the Dutch city of Leeuwarden have put out an all-points bulletin on the city’s missing porn collection.

Indonesian Political Party Vows to Overturn Anti-Porn Law

The majority political voice on Bali has vowed to overturn Indonesia’s anti-porn law by making it a major issue in the upcoming national elections. The Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) also has urged residents of Bali to disobey the law.

China to Offer Rewards to “Porn Snitches”

Chinese authorities believe they’ve found a way to get rid of the porn and dissident material that remains on the Web behind the Great Firewall of China: They plan to begin offering rewards to citizens who rat out the publishers.

PDI-P vows to seek annulment of porn law

The Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP) has promised to have the controversial pornography law annulled should it win the upcoming elections.

Computer scientists offer smarter tool to spot porn websites

Scientists with the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) will offer government organizations and website operators a more intelligent computer tool to discover pornography and lewd materials on Internet.

Lawmaker proposes a tax on pornography

Joe Turner at The News Tribune of Tacoma has word of a proposal by state Rep. Mark Miloscia, D-Federal Way, to levy an 18.5 percent tax on all visual or audio pornographic materials.

Not the First Time- Fox News Producer In Kiddie Porn Bust

A Fox News producer who covered Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign for the cable network is facing child porn charges after federal agents discovered photos and videos on his computer depicting "children under the age of ten being sexually abused by adult men and women."

Economic Downturn Can’t Dampen Sexual Enthusiasm

A new poll from Consumer Reports suggests at least one aspect of human existence may be recession-proof: sex.

Commissioner pours scorn on internet freedom law

New EU laws to protect freedom on the internet and force ISPs to stand up to authoritarian regimes are "unnecessary" and proposed penalties are "heavy", EU Telecoms Commissioner Viviane Reding told the European Parliament this week.

Porn site feud spawns new DNS attack

A scrap between two pornographic Web sites turned nasty when one figured out how to take down the other by exploiting a previously unknown quirk in the Internet's Domain Name System (DNS).

68 more porn Web sites closed as crackdown continues

China's Internet watchdogs announced  they had shut down another 68 porn Web sites, bringing the total number of blocked sites to 1,575 since the national anti-porn campaign was launched a month ago.

Uganda Considers Strict Anti-Porn Law

The Ugandan parliament is considering draft legislation that will impose fines or imprisonment upon anyone who creates or distributes pornographic material in print or on the Web.

China shuts down 55 online porn sites

Chinese officials say they have shut down 55 pornographic Web sites since the start of the weeklong Spring Festival in a continuing crackdown.

Utah House Lowers Charges for Teens Distributing Porn

The Utah House of Representatives passed a bill  to lower criminal penalties for teenagers who distribute pornography.

Church wants to pray away strip club

There is a showdown between a Little Rock church and a popular adult entertainment establishment. Both the church and the adult business operate out of the same plaza. The pastor of the church hopes his positive example will drive the business away.

Police: “We Won’t Target Public Under New Extreme-Porn Law”

Because they will receive no extra funding or support to enforce the U.K.’s new law targeting “extreme” pornography, British police departments do not intend to mount sweeping operations to ferret out the material on home computers.

Lawmaker wants strip club restrictions

A western Nebraska lawmaker wants to restrict sexually oriented businesses he says are too common in the eastern part of the state, including Lincoln.

China blocks 726 porn websites

China has blocked another 244 porn websites in the last week, bringing the total number of blocked ones to 726.

Fake campaign Web sites lead to gay porn

Two candidates running for city council in Tampa are trying to figure out how to shut down Web sites using their names that link to a hard-core, gay porn site.

Author says pornography is a modern plague, damaging society

Pornography is such a plague on modern society, it is damaging relationships and costing people their jobs and marriages, an author and confessed addict told university students.

New law tackles 'extreme' pornography

A new law will mean that anyone caught with 'extreme pornography' will face a jail sentence of up to three years. The law in Scotland currently only forbids importing and supply of extreme porn, and possession with intention to sell.

City Ordains That Adult Businesses Must Be Hidden

An old saw opines that “out of sight, out of mind.” Given this newest restriction on adult businesses, one might be tempted to apply the statement to the powers that be within the Chiefland City Commission. Thanks to a recent decision by the Commission, all adult businesses within the city may be compelled to hide themselves behind an 8-foot tall fence.

Framlingham College Graduates from Porn Site Scandal

Although there’s plenty of faking and fakery in porn, nobody likes a fake – but that’s precisely what four years worth of innocent visitors to what they thought would be the Framlingham College website have endured. Instead of finding information about the college’s courses and other offerings, surfers encountered a banner farm heavy with Canadian porn links.
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