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Search Engine Friendly is Not Search Engine Optimized

When we are quoting development work for prospective clients we are often asked to develop a website that is search engine optimized. This usually brings me into a long-winded explanation on how developing a website to be search engine friendly is not the same thing as optimizing that website for search performance. Kind of like how building a car is not the same as making it ready to compete in the Indy 500. Those are two different tasks altogether.

Commtouch Forms Alliances to Enhance Pornography Compliance Controls

SUNNYVALE, Calif. — Anti-spam software developer Commtouch announced alliances with Internet Watch Alliance and Image Analyzer Ltd., in order to combat online child pornography and enhance the pornographic compliance capabilities of their filtering software.

Digital Playground Offers Trailers, Movies for iPhone

VAN NUYS, Calif. — Digital Playground is offering 158 full-length trailers free of charge for immediate download on Apple's iPhone, which will be available to consumers on Friday. More than 250 full-length hardcore scenes also are available for purchase for the iPhone through Adult DVD Empire.

Offshore Adult Sites Reaping Huge Profits in China

BEIJING — Officials here have announced that Chinese-language offshore adult sites are making a huge profit, especially in comparison to local sites that do not offer variety of content or video.

Australia Bans Pornography and Alcohol For Aborigines

CANBERRA, Australia — Australian Prime Minister John Howard announced regulations to ban pornography and alcohol to Aborigines in certain areas of the Northern Territories. The Australian Commonwealth seized control of 60 Aboriginal communities in an attempt to control what Howard called a child sex abuse crisis among them.

BD+ Content Protection System OK'd for Blu-ray Discs

BEAVERTON, Ore. — Technical specifications for a new content protection system for Blu-ray discs have been released from BD+ Technologies LLC.

Search Engines: Summarized SEO Tips from SMX Advanced (2 of 2)

The SMX Advanced conference was jam-packed with info that I know many site owners and webmasters who could not make the show are dying to see. There have been a large number of summaries published from other attendees including those who blogged in real time; great resources for truly detailed reports. In my case, I want to provide StepForth readers with a concise list of the news and tips that really stood out from the rest. In part one of the SMX Advanced summary I discussed duplicate content issues and some other tips that I felt deserved immediate attention. In part two, I will tackle tips for efficient marketing and search engine optimization and a list of the top SEO tools including my own favorites.

Search Engines: Summarized SEO Tips from SMX Advanced (1 of 2)

Today marks my first day back from a short road trip through Oregon and from Danny Sullivan’s inaugural SMX Advanced Expo in Seattle. Considering the conference was the first expo in Danny’s new conference series I would say it was a blazing success. Danny brought together an impressive gaggle of leading names from the search engines and search marketing industry including: Matt Cutts, Tim Meyers, Vanessa Fox, Amit Kumar, Todd Friesen, Bruce Clay, Neil Patel, Greg Boser, Christine Churchill, and Jennifer Slegg just to name a few. Now let me get to the meat of the matter… what can I and what can’t I share with you?

AT&T Launches Cellphone-to- Cellphone Live Video in U.S.

CHICAGO — AT&T Inc. has launched Video Share, which is said to be the first service letting callers share live video between cell phones. The service has been introduced in three markets — Atlanta, Dallas and San Antonio — and will be available elsewhere in late July.

MPack Trojan Attack Claims 10,000 Web Sites

Researchers at Trend Micro are reporting that as many as 10,000 Web sites have been infected with malicious code that redirects unsuspecting users to a server booby-trapped with drive-by exploits—part of a wave of attacks originating in Italy and now spreading through Europe.

Adult Friend Finder Offers FSC Matching Grant to Battle 2257 Changes

PALO ALTO, Calif. - Sexual networking site has offered a grant to the Free Speech Coalition that will match donations up to $10,000 made to the organization in aid of its fight against certain amendments to the 18 U.S.C. § 2257 record-keeping statute.

Casey Parker Joins Flirt 4 Free Network

CALABASAS, Calif. — Shane's World contract star Casey Parker is the newest addition to Flirt 4 Free's lineup of webcam girls. After a weeklong, unpromoted test phase, Parker is now officially online every day and told XFANZ she's "totally addicted."

Web Development in 2007

As 2006 begins to fade into history as just a memory and we are jettisoned into 2007, what will be the biggest trends and technology advances in the New Year? - and what other ideas will simply fizzle out and fade away? There are thousands of 'Netizens out there predicting what will be big in 2007 - and they aren't all bullshit… A lot of the predictions out there are supported by most of the online industries, and those are the ones we're going to talk about this issue.

Interview with Aaron Wall of SEOBook and Threadwatch

One of the most visible SEO pundits on the web is unquestionably, Aaron Wall. Aaron is a very unique individual in the SEO world since he is exceptionally knowledgable and networked but until recently, has not overtly offered search engine optimization consulting services.

Four new Google patent apps reflect major search rank methodology changes

This morning, several Google patent applications were published that if enacted, would significantly alter the way that Google figures search rankings.

Virus Writers Taint Google Ad Links

Virus writers have been gaming Google's "sponsored links" -- the paid ads shown alongside search engine results. They are aiming to get their malicious software installed on computers whose users click onto ad links after searching for legitimate sites such as, the official Web site of the Better Business Bureau.

N.Y. Court: Words Can Harm

Sticks and stones may break your bones, and words potentially can hurt you, according to a decision by the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which ruled that individuals can be prosecuted for distributing to minors via the Internet "words" that depict indecent material. 

Poland in anti-gay dog house

Poland stunned the international community when it announced plans to ban the discussion of homosexuality in schools. Here in the UK, it brought back grim memories of Thatcher’s Clause 28 and highlighted Poland’s stubborn resistance to human rights.

Let Google's Algorithm Show You The Traffic

Recently Rand Fishkin of brought together 37 of the world's Top SEO experts to tackle Google's Algorithm, the complex formula and methods Google uses to rank web pages. This ranking formula is extremely important to webmasters because finding which factors Google uses to rank their index is often considered the Holy Grail of site optimization.

10 Quick Ways to Increase Conversions

My SEO firm has been spending a good deal of time analyzing conversion and usability aspects for our clients over the past year. While there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of things that can be changed to help improve conversion rates, we've created a short list of things that are both quick and easy to change or add to your site. These are in no particular order.

Hackers debut spam and virus sandwich

Hackers have combined spam and malware together in a single email threat. Email security services firm MessageLabs has intercepted emails that are both spam and links to download viruses. Cyber-criminals have long used email viruses to create botnets to send spam, but this is the first time MessageLabs has seen virus links hidden within spam.

RegisterFly fire sale at hand?

The Register has seen a copy of a letter of intent from Cogit, a technology-focused consulting group based in New Jersey, offering to buy out RegisterFly’s CEO and sole shareholder Kevin Medina for $1.15 mil. Whether or not Medina has indicated any interest in selling is another matter, and there is a continuing cloud of litigation over the struggling company that could hamper any attempted sale.

Browser Wars Over, Browser Wars Start

The eternal search for new features and one-upmanship in Web Browsers has come to a close. Now, developers are focusing on Web 2.0 and the Browser as an application platform, according to Computerworld.
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