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Google pressed to reveal AdWords secrets

Google may turn over information about third-party keyword purchases after being subpoenaed by a recreational flooring company.

dotMobi starts giving away domains

Cities can apply for a free ".mobi" top level domain, assuming they're prepared to spend €2K a year promoting their site, and the domain name.

How to measure website success? Page views or time?

he yardstick for how the popularity of websites is measured has changed, as analytics firms scramble to reflect how pages are now frequently updated piecemeal and "live" by the host, rather than loaded wholesale by users.

China’s Great Wall of Malware Infects World’s Computers

Sometimes it seems like everything is made in China. According to a recent research project, when it comes to malware and spam, that’s not too far from the truth.

Time to blacklist blacklists

Blacklists have their place for detecting and identifying malicious content and activity, with the whole signature-based malware detection industry effectively being built around the concept that blacklists are reliable mechanisms.

US claims top spam spot

The US was top of the spam charts for the month of June, according to new e-mail security statistics from IE Internet.

Why the Best Defense Is Offense

You've tried everything. You've taken all the necessary measures to prevent those dreaded chargebacks. You're going out of your mind wondering why they keep coming, even though you've already compromised your sales revenue to half. The answer is simple, chargebacks are an innate part of the card-not-present environment of the internet. However, that doesn’t' mean that you have to accept them or let them destroy your profitability.

The ZLOB Show: Trojan Poses as Fake Video Codec, Loads More Threats

Before the holidays, most of the hit television series in the United States such as Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy had their "fall finale" episodes -- their final episodes for the year before they go on hiatus. Naturally, fans of these shows, especially those outside the US, would have already scourged their trusty peer-to-peer networks for digitized copies of these episodes. Forget the fact that the 42-minute videos take about 350MB each in size: a couple of hours spent downloading is nothing compared to the average waiting time of one year for the series' official DVD releases.

Weblog Marketing: Why It Is Important and How to Do It

The words marketing and Weblogs are becoming increasingly synonymous as the potential of Blogs becomes more obvious to business owners and advertisers...

Search Engines: Linking Psychosis is Treatable - Link Obsession & PageRank

Search Engine Optimization has become inextricably linked with linking schemes over the last couple of years. During that time everyone has noticed the value of inbound links to their web sites. This has lead many agressive webmasters to buy up hundreds of keyword focused domain names, slap up a few weak and repetitive content pages over dozens of domain names in an attempt to build their own little empire.

Adult, Mainstream Use P2P Traps to Catch Pirates

Setting up fake file-sharing websites is a technique used by both the mainstream and adult video worlds. The recent outing of Motion Picture Association of America's has sparked discussion, and adult industry lawyer Robert Apgood told XBIZ to expect similar adult-content traps to be revealed within the year.

The dark side of search engines

As a malware researcher, I spend the majority of my days days studying the dark side of the web, (is that a good job or what?), and one of the most interesting things I get to see are the weird, and sometimes wonderful, search engine queries that result in dangerous Web sites.

Web 2.0: Are Second Life and You Tube in Your Marketing Plan?

I've been reading the PR and Marketing media with interest of late, so many companies, large and small, are taking their next steps online; evolving beyond the barriers of their websites into new frontiers; embracing the new world of Web 2.0. 3.0 to Launch Tomorrow Morning

The unveiling of 3.0, the latest and most elaborate version of the XBIZ news and information business portal, is scheduled to take place tomorrow morning at 9 a.m.

Epoch Expands Hours to Meet European Needs

Epoch is offering new sales and support hours to respond to its growing European clientele.

Can Porn Go Public(ly Traded)?

Porn isn't going away. While it has become a part of mainstream culture, adult entertainment remains on the public finance sidelines. The business is dominated by small owner-operated companies, obscuring financial details and stifling growth. To grow aggressively, the porn industry needs money, but the business has a long way to go before most companies are large enough even to consider IPOs.

New law will criminalise possession of extreme porn

The Government has published a new law which will criminalise extreme pornography. The Government first indicated that it would criminalise the possession of violent pornography two years ago.

Choosing Search Optimized Domain Names

Choosing a good domain name for your business website can be very hard but it is also essential to get it right, after all you want it to work for you. In this article I explore the many different aspects that you should be considering when deciding on a suitable domain name. I also take you through the steps I follow when choosing an appropriate domain name for my websites.

Online Buddies Donates $10,000 to Free Speech Coalition

CANOGA PARK, Calif. — Free Speech Coalition announced Monday that they have received a pledge of $10,000 from Online Buddies Chairman of the Board Jonathon Crutchley to help FSC in their continued efforts to fight 2257.

Joanna Angel to Direct for Club Jenna, Spice Studios

NEW YORK — Adult director and performer Joanna Angel has signed a nonexclusive directing deal with Playboy Entertainment's Club Jenna/Spice Studios, and is slated to direct three titles for each.

Optimizing Your Video and Audio for Organic Search Results

There is no doubt that Organic traffic is going to be huge in the near future, look at PPC costs and see why. The changes that will take place in search engines are going to effect many people, maybe including myself :( This I can tell you because Google is constantly trying to get you to rank pages. Now let me introduce you to something new, marketers like to call it "universal traffic". In the past marketers with SEO's have tried to optimize each website for getting "page results" and are therefore ranked on the Search Engines.

HD DVD Fights Back Against Blu-ray With Internet-Enabled Discs

NEW YORK — The HD DVD format, which took a hit when Blockbuster Video said its customers preferred Blu-ray to HD DVD, is striking back with new discs that utilize the Internet connections built into HD DVD players.

Four Common Myths About Backup Software

Computers affect the way we live, communicate, work, and entertain today more than ever before. So, the information stored on them becomes very significant. Loosing data from your hard drive is at least unpleasant, but in some cases also very expensive. At the same time, not all of us take measures to protect their data. Moreover, day after day we hear about alarming accidents of data loss. But why reliable backup strategies are not as much widespread as data crash accidents. Perhaps, because people have some wrong notions about backup software and about the problem of data loss in general.

New Domains in Works at Internet Meeting

New Internet addresses, including those entirely in foreign languages, are under review by a key oversight agency, although meetings this week in Puerto Rico are likely to conclude with more questions.

U.S. Net access not all that speedy

The USA trails other industrialized nations in high-speed Internet access and may never catch up unless quick action is taken by public-policymakers, a report commissioned by the Communications Workers of America warns.
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