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Here you can see the list of the news that was collected by our employees. News section is regularly updated, so you will be well informed about all fresh events in the world of adult webmaster business.

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Japanese porn industry embraces Blu-ray Disc

The HD DVD high-definition movie format may have the lead in the U.S. porn industry, but Japanese adult film makers have turned decisively to Blu-ray Disc, breathing new life into its bid to replace DVDs as the disc of choice for home movies.

Online domain name game yields real profits for virtual brokers

The Web addresses that businesses and people online call home have spawned the equivalent of a real estate boom in the real world with speculators, appraisers, developers, investors, and brokers turning the names typed on navigation bars into hefty profits.

Four Simple Steps to Creating Online Video

With the advent of broadband Internet access and the proliferation of free video hosting sites like YouTube,, Revver and, today anyone with a camcorder and an Internet connection can produce a video and share it with the world. Producing video for the Web can be a powerful marketing tool for your business.

Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft in 60 Minutes or Less

According to the FBI, identity theft is "The fastest growing crime in America." As many as 10 million Americans every year are victimized by it and the costs are estimated at 50 billion dollars annually. Many criminals get off easy while the victims spend years working to restore their damaged credit reports and reputations. Worse yet, there seems to be no end in sight.

The Forgotten Fundamentals of SEO

As a Web Developer and SEO consultant I deal with many existing website owners who are looking to modify or improve their website. I also deal with many people who are looking to start their web presence with a new website. Through both of these interactions there is often a common theme; a misunderstanding or an attitude. I call this a misconception of reality, as often the reality of what the Internet can actually do for the persons business and what they think it can do differ massively.

Entrepreneurial Advice: Ask an Expert

As a lifestyle, entrepreneurialism has always demanded the self-employed be prepared to wear many hats. Business owners often perform executive, sales, managerial, productive and janitorial tasks on daily basis, partly due to pride of ownership and sense of excellence, and partly because technology allows them to. While this gives owners a better sense of all aspects of their businesses, it can also cloud their critical judgment and decision making abilities.

A Customer Service Plan

Have you ever visited a website and had a problem with it that you couldn't easily find an answer for? Perhaps you've joined a paysite and then lost your username and password or didn't know the cancellation process. Perhaps you ordered a product and wished to know its current shipping status or had a question about the return policy before placing your order. Maybe the video you just downloaded simply won't play on your computer.

YouTube to Set Up Fingerprint Technology by September

Video-sharing network YouTube said its video recognition technology, which has been in the testing phase for the past month, should be in place in September.

Yahoo: 13 rules for making your web pages faster

Yahoo's Exceptional Performance team has put together a list of "13 rules for making web pages fast" and posted it on Yahoo's developer network.

Pew: Video Ads More Popular Than Porn

Just six percent admitted to watching or downloading adult videos online in Pew Internet's latest online video survey, which means approximately 84 percent of them are big fat liars.

'Virtual' child porn is legal, high court says

It's illegal to create realistic child pornography by digitally grafting images of children and adults, but there's no law against making "virtual" child pornography from scratch, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled yesterday.

Battle for the Future of the Net

Europe's technology landscape is littered with stories about what might have been. Take the case of Finnish engineer Olli Martikainen who started developing a router—network hardware that directs streams of data from one computer to another—back in 1982 at VTT, a research institute in Espoo, Finland. The Finnish companies financing the project, including Nokia (NOK), didn't see the potential, so the project was dropped in 1986, shortly before a U.S. startup called Cisco Systems (CSCO) went on to staggering success commercializing similar technology. Martikainen's prototype now gathers dust in a university display.

Keeping Line Open on 2257

In October representatives of the adult industry, including several industry attorneys, sat down with officials from the FBI to discuss a host of issues surrounding the 2257 inspection process. While few details of the meeting were publicly disclosed, one thing that both parties emphasized following the meeting was a sincere desire to forge a line of communication between the adult entertainment industry and the federal agency tasked with regulating the industry's U.S.- based businesses.

Getting Into Google

Last night was our third SEMNE event (Search Engine Marketing New England), and we were humbled to have Dan Crow, director of crawl systems at Google, spilling the beans about how to get your site into Google. He talked for a half hour or so, and then proceeded to answer audience questions for at least another hour. As I sat there listening to him (yes, I actually listened to this one!), I was struck by what an awesome opportunity it was for everyone in that room to be provided with such important information -- straight from Google. It was clear that the 100 or so people in the room agreed. In fact, at 7:30 on the dot, everyone spontaneously stopped their networking activities and simply took their seats without being asked to. These folks definitely came to hear Google!

The Master Guide to Resale Rights

I was recently asked to write another Resale Rights Guide for web content on Resell Rights, so here it is: Would you hire a business coach or mentor who had in-depth knowledge of resale rights?

Storm Worm Erupts Into Worst Virus Attack In 2 Years

Storm worm authors are blasting the Internet with two types of attacks, and both are aimed at building up their botnet.

CP Registries

According to the family groups, moralizing politicians and conservative evangelicals who populate America's Religious Right, drugs and gangs have taken a backseat to a more sinister threat to our children. This threat is often described as part of the very fabric of cyberspace, invading our homes through ever-faster Internet connections.

Social Networking Sites are Porn Directories According to a Study, the world's largest Christian portal with twelve million monthly page loads, recently talked with a parent who surfed through several pages of one of the largest social networking sites.

Porn cull dropped

THE results of Australia's only live commercial internet content filtering trial will never be known because the exercise, championed by the federal Government, was quietly abandoned.

How Usage Data Will Affect Your Future Rankings

With all that has changed in search engine optimization over the years, there is one thing that remains constant. Useful websites outperform useless websites over the long haul, from both a ranking and a profit perspective.

I've Had It With Google Conspiracy Theories

I’ve noticed three common complaints. First, advertisers complain that Google’s algorithm tweaks do nothing to increase relevance and instead force them to raise their keyword bids. Second, advertisers also state that Google is trying to learn about their business through CPA advertising and Google Analytics in order to take over their industry. Third, privacy advocates complain that between search and browsing behavior, Google will know too much about their users.

Winning is for Wimps and Losers

People often find themselves looking for the winning scenario for themselves or their businesses. Finding the winning scenario is important for any long-term success. But even better than the winning scenario is the win-win scenario.

Child Porn-Molestation Link Debated

A debate about whether to publish a study of people convicted of consuming illegal child images online is heating up within the circle of psychologists, law enforcement officers, and prison officials. The study, completed by psychologists within the Federal Bureau of Prisons, states 85 percent of the Internet offenders admitted they had committed acts of sexual abuse against minors, acts ranging from inappropriate touching to rape.

Firefox EU Dominance an Increasing Threat to IE

While Microsoft patents everything from adware systems to ways to resell pirated content and send some of the money to the copyright holder Europe is falling out of love with its Web browser.

Battle of the Search Engines

According to a Compete search market-share report released July 11, MSN/Live's query volume increased by 67 percent from May to June 2007, putting Microsoft's search share of 13.2 percent just behind Yahoo!'s 19.6 percent. Google still leads with a whopping 62.7 percent (down from 67 percent in May). Microsoft's search traffic is up 47 percent over one year ago.
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