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Zero-day exploits attack Yahoo, AOL instant messengers

Zero-day exploit codes targeting Yahoo and AOL instant-messenger services could put frequent IM users at risk to new attacks.

The Art of SEO

As much as Google pretends to like SEOs by inviting us to parties at the Googleplex and posting on SEO forums, the bottom line is that they don't like us -- or rather, they don't like what we do. Google wants to find the best, most relevant sites for the search query at hand all by themselves.

Five Costly Google AdWords Mistakes to Avoid

Let me first say, that Google is a great vehicle to market your business or product. In fact, fifty percent or more of my advertising budget goes to Google. It has helped my business and can help yours too. If, you avoid these 5 costly mistakes.

Retailing for the Future

There was a time a person could open an adult bookstore in a dark, forgotten corner of just about any old town and earn a respectable income.

Storm Worm linked to spam surge

A recent upsurge in Storm Worm activity was accompanied by a spike in spam levels 48 hours later, according to an analysis by managed security services firm MessageLabs.

SEO or Page Rank Which Is More Important?

Whether you believe in SEO or Page Rank and wonder which is more important, your thinking is irrelevant. You are wasting your time in wondering what is the correct answer to that question, since even if you knew it, there is little you could do to use that information.

18 Web-Marketing Concepts that Make a Difference

If you've been looking high and low for the secret of Web success, today is your lucky day. We've put a little something together that we call '18 Web-Marketing Concepts That Make A Difference.'

Can porn industry crack the piracy problem?

The porn industry has decided to take a stand against p2p. Having largely ignored the huge amounts of adult content available on file sharing networks, 65 porn purveyors met last week to discuss how to address "rampant piracy".

Country Snapshot: Australia

For a country that has one of the world's most tolerant attitudes to gambling, you might be forgiven for thinking that Australia's Government would adopt a similarly liberal attitude when it comes to online adult.

10 Rules to Keep Your Website Visitors Engaged

Do you know that most visitors leave a website within 10 seconds of landing on the home page? And they may never return to the same site. To keep your website visitors stay longer, you need to engage them. Follow these 10 simple rules to build a set of core loyal visitors who will return to your site frequently.

Gonzo: Taking A Toll

It's been over a decade since gonzo-style content has been tearing up the industry, the Internet and rented houses in Chatsworth — not to mention the mostly anonymous performers who star in these movies.

Website Creation and the Eye of the Spider

An article that details the best approach to website creation for search engine optimization. Because the search engine spider sees web pages differently than most users, content that is not created with this in mind may rank poorly or not at all.

10,000 .eu names suspended amid cybersquatter allegation

The organisation behind the .eu domain has suspended 10,000 domain names registered by a Chinese woman whom it accuses of being a cybersquatter. The woman, in retaliation, has filed a lawsuit in Belgium.

How to Make Web-Advertising Worth Watching

It has become an article of faith that the Web is all about content; content is King on the Web as opposed to television where commercials are king. It seems that television networks just can't wrap their heads around the Internet and fit it into their standard commercial box. The traditional media's tactic of last resort, buying-up the competition and imposing its commercial will, just won't work with the Internet.

Trojan-fuelled botnet menaces UK eBay users

Security researchers have discovered a sophisticated botnet attack targeting eBay customers, particularly those in the UK.

Leading the Contactless Payment Charge

No company is pushing Near Field Communication more than Eindhoven, Netherlands-based NXP Semiconductors, the former chip unit of Philips Electronics, which celebrated its first anniversary as an independent company on Aug. 27. Philips coinvented NFC with longtime collaborator Sony, and now NXP is leading the charge to popularize the technology.

ICANN Meeting Planned for L.A.

ICANN will hold its 30th membership meeting Oct. 29-Nov. 2 in Los Angeles at the Hilton L.A. Airport hotel.

Google Applies For 'GPay' Mobile Payments Patent

The system described in the patent application is similar to existing mobile-payment services, including the mobile version of PayPal.

10 Steps to Top 10 Rankings in Google

Most webmasters go totally "gaga" for top 10 rankings in Google. And for good reason, Google is the most dominant search engine on the net and will deliver the largest amount of traffic.

The Internet and Gonzo

In 1973, John Stagliano answered an ad at the UCLA Placement Center to do nude modeling. Since then the widely recognized pioneer of adult gonzo videos and owner of Evil Angel claims that his career has been "a long and sordid story," as he navigated his firm through the great changes of film to VHS and VHS to DVD.

Where Your Ad Spend is Going Know Your Clicks

The PPC networks collect an enormous amount of data detailing the characteristics of each and every click-through. Unfortunately, they do not provide advertisers with enough information to fully analyze their online advertising spend.

Social Bookmarking for Internet Marketers

Social bookmarking is one of the hottest Web 2.0 online trends. The concept of social bookmarking is about 10 years old, but due to it's recent explosive growth, it has just now become one of the new internet "buzz words".

Selling Adult in the U.K.

In recent months, some economists have been alleging that London stands a very good chance of overtaking Wall Street as the financial capital of the world. Between the power of the London Stock Exchange and the strength of the British pound (which as of early July was about twice as strong as the U.S. dollar), the U.K. appears to be standing tall in an increasingly global economy.

Stopping Blog Spammers

Now anyone can make comments on a particular blog posting. As blog commenting has grown more popular, so has spam commenting. In this newsletter, we’ll go over why comments are a great form of feedback for your blog, how they help the credibility of your content, what spam comments are and how to prevent them from happening.

Search Engine Wars - A Shifting Battle Plan?

"The biggest unseen problem we've got coming is what I call the hostile information ecosystem," said Whit Andrews, a research vice president. Included in that phenomenon is "Google-bombing" and other such deceptive efforts to alter search results. People sometimes create pages that aren't what they say they are, for example, just to attract attention.
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