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What They See Is What You Get

How a subject views a book page, a store display, an advertisement or other visual stimuli is measured using sophisticated tools that track eye scan, also called eye movement. These tools measure which design elements capture visitors' attention and which don't.

Keyword Research for Organic SEO

So you have decided to venture out into the world of SEO. The first thing you will need to do is determine the direction of your campaign in relation to the key phrases you are choosing to target. This article will focus on how to find keywords for your organic campaign, as the process is slightly different for PPC.

Five Things to Hate About Web Design ...

What do you hate most about websites? If you browse websites as much as we do, then there is a lot to hate. Because there are so many terribly designed, user non-friendly websites on the Internet today, we have put together this short but detailed list of things to hate about web design.

Branching Out

In early 2007, Packaged Facts, a division of, and the Washington-based marketing / public relations firm Witeck-Combs Communications announced the results of a joint report on the buying power of what Witeck-Combs CEO Bob Witeck broadly defined as "America's diverse gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender population."

The Store Experience

In the good old days of traditional brick-and-mortar adult retail, any customer brave enough to walk into a shop probably already had in mind what products were going to be purchased. A large selection of VHS tapes, and later DVDs, combined with a limited selection of magazines, novelties, gag gifts, lube and low-end lingerie would generally suffice.

Washington Lobbying

As Congress strives to pass meaningful legislation in 2007, we thought we'd shed a little light on a strange but somewhat noble practice that gets quite a bit of attention here in D.C. Can you guess what it is? If you instantly thought of the time-tested and often-scrutinized practice of federal lobbying, then you get the prize.

Back to the Future SEO

Recently I took on a new SEO client who had a major problem. They had a very popular portal site in a competitive industry but for 3 months running, their Top 10 search engine rankings for major keywords had taken a consistent dive. The position drops ranged from 1 or 2 places up to 20 places. They hired me to try and address the issue quickly because their advertising revenue relied on the top 10 visibility of their brand in the SERPs.

Brand New Websites: A SEO Company Perspective

Even a top of the line search engine optimization company faces challenges when trying to get new websites listed on major search engines. This article addresses some of the biggest hurdles and the most effective strategies for overcoming them in the long-term.

The Importance of Information Technology Training

Information technology training is typically thought of as only being necessary for IT personnel in the trenches. This article discusses the importance of IT management training for adapting to new business technologies and identifying new technologies to add to your business strategies.

What is Quality Porn?

Recently, one of the XBIZ community’s newest members, azvideomaker, posted a thread on our message board asking “what is quality porn?”

Yahoo making big improvements in search

Yahoo is making important improvements to the user interface and the output of its search engine. It will now suggest complete search queries for you as you type. It makes entering queries a lot faster and improves the likelihood that you'll spell your query correctly.

eBay: What to do with Skype?

Don't call it a bust just yet, but it's fair to say eBay executives aren't thrilled with what they're getting out of Skype, which the auction king bought for $2.6 billion two years ago.

The Truth About Trackbacks

If you’re a blogger, chances are you’ve heard of trackbacks. Most likely, you probably don’t know what these are and what they have to do with your blog. That’s alright, as most people don’t quite understand how trackbacks work and why they are useful for a blog.

Take the Slow Road to a Passive Online Income

The promise of instant wealth and riches has always been a successful marketing ploy by marketers. Unfortunately, more times than not, they are the only ones raking in the big bucks. Don't be fooled by any quick fixes, building a passive online income takes time and a whole lot of planning to get the job done properly.

Gay Niches

Thanks to the Internet sexually explicit gay material has never been more plentiful or more diverse than it is today — and one of the things that is making the gay adult Internet so diverse and eclectic is the popularity of niche marketing.

Senators OK triple fines for ignoring Net child porn

A bill just approved by a U.S. Senate committee would slap steeper fines on Internet service providers that fail to alert authorities when they obtain knowledge of child pornography on their servers.

The Trust Gap

In the adult entertainment industry, "mind the gap" could refer to the trust divide between traditional production studios and Internet companies that specialize in video-on-demand, pay-per-view, online rentals, affiliate programs, membership sites and content licensing.

How to Optimize for MSN

Last week I discussed the best tactics for achieving rankings in Yahoo, the web’s number 2 most popular search engine. Now it is time to pick on the third most used search property – MSN, which has 6.6% of the search market and is currently found at

Is Your Domain Name Safe From Porn Pirates?

Avast. Pirates be boldly thievin' for themselves any toothsome domain name what puts a glint in their good eye. Recall the pair of scurvy dogs who battled for years over the rights to

How to Evaluate and Promote Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing about? This report gives you some information about affiliate marketing. This is information you can really use, not just fluff.

How Important Is Alexa Ranking?

The main goal that almost all companies have today when dealing with online marketing is to improve their conversion rate. Everybody knows that there are various ways of attracting targeted traffic. Some go for a good place in the Search engine result page, others would be more satisfied with heavier traffic. Either way, everybody sets his goal usually in earning more money.

Buying a Website - What Are You Paying For?

For a would be webmaster wading into the wonderful world of the web, buying a web site(s) can be a difficult thing to do, especially if you are not aware of what to look for in a quality website.

Characteristics of a Perfect Incoming Link

What is a quality incoming link? This article describes the key characteristics of a perfect link.

Multiple Link Building Strategies

With link building you are always looking to get the most links for your efforts or even the linking efforts of others. Multiplying the efforts of others is a great way to get more with less work. At the same time mixing up your anchor text in the right way can have a good effect, if done correctly.

L.A. Man Faces 2257 Charges

Recently, a very unusual legal event took place. A federal obscenity prosecution was initiated in Los Angeles. While the event was reported by XBIZ and other adult media and even in the mainstream press, the news has not yet generated a lot of interest, much less concern, on the part of the adult entertainment industry.
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