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Taiwan Approves ‘Three-Strikes’ Copyright Law

The island nation of Taiwan has approved new "three strikes" graduated response copyright legislation that also bans the use of peer-to-peer technology to exchange copyrighted works online.

Crowds talk dirty to council about porn filters

People packed into the San Jose City Council chambers on night as supporters and opponents of installing pornography-blocking Internet filters in the city’s public libraries pleaded their cases.

Laws that take aim at Texans’ ’sins’ await action in Legislature

These are among the so-called sins the Texas Legislature is considering regulating — for better or worse — this session.

China’s Porn Pirates Earn Extra Government Attention

Whether they’re kidnapping ship captains or infringing on copyright, the world is increasingly hostile to pirates – unless they’re starring in Hollywood blockbuster or a Digital Playground title featuring Jesse Jane and Evan Stone. In China, pirates of all sorts are unpopular – but porn related pirates are considered the worst of all.

Iranian Prosecutor Calls for Death of Porn Producers

A special prosecutor designated to handle the cases of people arrested during the country’s crackdown on websites that distribute adult content or criticize Islam has said those who are convicted deserve to die.

Iran rounds up 'porn site bosses'

In its biggest crackdown of pornographic web sites, Iran has arrested 26 men and women on a wide array of charges from producing adult and child porn content to mocking Islamic beliefs.

Amazon "gay ban" might have been hacker's work

It all seemed plausible. In the interests of protecting good Christians in the US, Amazon refused to list every gay book on its website.

Mobile porn becoming the norm in schools?

Five youngsters in Mayville, New York face obscenity charges after getting caught with pornographic material on their cell phones. Similarly, a 14-year-old boy in Florida recently got suspended for sending photos of a topless woman to all his friends via cell phone. But these under-aged mobile phone sex scandals get worse. The Wall Street Journal recently reported on a story from Pennsylvania, where several young girls are facing charges for taking partially nude photos of themselves and sending them out to their male peers.

Houston Wins Another Round in Adult-Biz Battle

A jury sided with the City of Houston April 2nd, handing officials their first trial victory in a decade-old effort to stamp out adult businesses city fathers say are operating illegally.

The Internet is for porn, or so say the numbers

A conservative state in the heart of the Bible belt, Mississippi places near the top of yet another nasty little list.

Signatures formally close porn case appeal

A court order has been signed that officially ends the city's pursuit of Rick Krial, the owner of the now-defunct After Hours Video who was convicted in August on two misdemeanor obscenity charges.

United Airlines Settles “Hidden Porn” Lawsuit

United Airlines has settled a sexual-harassment lawsuit filed by a former pilot who claims routinely to have found pornographic images hidden in cockpits on domestic flights.

New web blacklist leaked online

A NEW blacklist of websites has appeared online just days after the Government was left red-faced by a similar leak.

ACLU sues to block 'sexting' child-porn charges

Three northeastern Pennsylvania teenagers are suing a prosecutor who wants to charge them with child pornography or open lewdness over racy cell-phone pictures of themselves.

Chilly Economy Inspires Iceland to Turn Frigid on Adult Industry

Iceland was once considered the happiest country on earth. Then the bottom dramatically dropped out of its mostly virtual economy and suddenly pleasure became the enemy – or so it seems, given proposed legislation to outlaw strip clubs and renting time with legal prostitutes

Fla. Legislators Talk Porn Tax

 It's still in the talking stage, but Florida legislators are looking at next year's budget and trying to figure out how to balance it — and one of the answers they're coming up with is to do it partly on the back of the state's adult industry.

China Closes Audiobook Porn Site in Crackdown

Chinese police closed a Web site that sold erotic audiobooks and arrested four people involved as the country continued its crackdown on Internet porn.

Pennsylvania senator: Definition lacking in child porn bill

An Allentown lawmaker's proposal to close a loophole in the state's child pornography law might end up once again stuck in a committee unless a flaw in its language is fixed, a senior Senate Republican said this week.

Craig’s List Claims “Spectacular” Reduction in Sex Ads

Under fire from several states and municipalities that accuse the online classified ads service of complicity in the promotion of illegal sexual commerce, Craig’s List has released statistics it claims prove it is cleaning up its corner of cyberspace.

Owners of extreme pornography company plead guilty

The owners of the California company indicted for distributing pornographic movies more than five years ago pleaded guilty this morning in federal court to one count of conspiracy.

Twitter Accounts Compromised in Porn Spam Attack

About 750 Twitter accounts were compromised F in a malicious attack security experts said probably sought to harvest credit card information.

Porny Burglar Thwarted by Cab Call

Don't do this at anybody else's home burglar-wannabes: Don't rob someone and then call a frickin' cab from the landline so your lame ass can get picked up.

Call made to review state sex laws

Ohio prosecutors and others are pressing lawmakers to update pornography and domestic violence laws to better apply to teens.

VA Legislators Worry Pay-Per-View Tax Could “Legitimize” Porn

Virginia’s General Assembly has passed a bill that will add a 5-percent tax to pay-per-view movies watched in the state’s hotel and motel rooms.

Most porn movies for sale in Finland are technically illegal

The Finnish Board of Film Classification has to be notified of every audio-visual programme to be distributed or exhibited in Finland. Films meant for adults do not need classification, but they do have to be equipped with the age-rating marking (K-18).
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